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  • CDM 2015 and Construction Phase Plans

    by Laura | Sep 21, 2016

    CDM 2015 has been in place for over a year now and one question that keeps recurring is “Whose responsibility is it to produce the Construction Phase Plan?”

    While CDM 2015 places duties on commercial clients in full, these duties for domestic clients pass to either the principal contractor or contractor.

    On a project with more than one contractor, developing the construction phase plan will be the responsibility of the principal contractor, and they should provide you with information within it that is relevant to your work.

    However, if you are the only contractor on the project then you are responsible for drawing up a plan which describes how health and safety will be managed during the construction work.

    The plan should be:

    • proportionate to the size and nature of the work, and the risks involved
    • workable and realistic
    • sufficiently developed to allow work to start on site
    • regularly reviewed and added to as new trades start

    It must be developed as soon as practical before setting up the construction site and starting the work. It should address early issues such as mobilisation, welfare, working at heights and if any hot works are to take place. The HSE have produced guidance on developing a Construction Phase Plan for the busy builder

    The CITB have also developed a FREE CDM Wizard app for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, to help businesses working on small scale projects to produce construction phase plans.

    Just enter some simple job details and in a couple of minutes it will produce your plan and provide you with tips and advice of how to keep you and your workers healthy and safe.

    You can then print or save your plan to help you meet CDM 2015 Regulation requirements. Use the links below buttons to download a free copy for your smartphone or tablet.


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