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Working Safely During COVID-19 

NFRC is the UK’s largest roofing trade association and has been influencing and supporting the roofing sector for over 128 years. The NFRC promotes roofing excellence, and all our members have been vetted and must adhere to our rigorous Code of Practice and they are continuously inspected to ensure compliance.

We take the health of our members, their workforce and the General Public very seriously and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have supported our members with dedicated guidance and support. This include NFRC Covid-safe signage to provide confidence to clients and the General Public that our members are working safely.

How to raise a concern

All NFRC members should be complying with public health and government guidance, however, we understand that there may be situations where this is not the case. If you are concerned that a roofing contractor is not complying with the relevant guidelines, in the first instance please raise your concerns directly with the company in question. It may be the Health and Safety Officer or site manager was not aware of this breach and may be able to address your concerns quickly and relatively simply.

If this is not successful and the company in question are an NFRC member, which you can check using our online member directory You could send us details of your concerns and how your believe the contractor isn’t following the issued guidance, including photographs by completing the form below.

This can be sent anonymously but we cannot provide you with any feedback if you do not provide contact details. 

Unfortunately we would not be able to assist if the contractor is not a member of NFRC but you could advise the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) online or by calling 0300 003 1647.


Your Details

Any information you provide to us will be held in strict confidence and your details will never be passed to the roofing contractor you are reporting about. You may leave your details blank if you wish, but if you do so then we will be unable to provide you with any feedback on our findings, and it may limit what action we can take with the contractor.
I confirm that NFRC may store my details above in order to provide me with feedback on the issue I have reported. I understand that my details will never be passed to a third-party.

Site Details

Please provide as much detail as you can about the construction site as you can, including the address/location, a description of the type of site (eg new houses, offices, industrial warehouse, etc) and any company ma,es you can see that are associated with the site.
Type of site?

Describe as best you can what sort of building is being constructed at the site, how big the site is, roughly how many contractors are working on the site, etc.
Please list the names of any companies that you can identify that are working on this site., including the site owner/client if possible.


Please state the name of roofing contractor company on the site you believe is not acting in accordance with the guidelines and provide a summary of why you believe this to be the case. If possible, please upload and photos or video clips as evidence to support your concerns.

NOTE: NFRC can only act in relation to infringes by the roofing contractor, and where that contractor is a member of NFRC.
If you can see the telephone number of the roofing contractor (eg on signage or vans) please provide it here.
If you can see the website of the roofing contractor (eg on signage or vans) please provide it here.
Please provide in as much detail as possible about what you have observed and the concerns you have about where they may not be following correct guidance.
Upload photo or video evidence
Have you already raised these concerns directly with the roofing contractor?

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Please contact our dedicated helpline 0330 123 4714* or email if you have any question not covered by these FAQs (for personal health issues please refer to the NHS). We are regularly monitoring updates from the NHS, Government and our industry partners to ensure we keep our information current and relevant.

The hotline is available to NFRC members only. An 0330 number is the cost of a local call, wherever you are calling from within the UK. In most cases it is also within your 'inclusive minutes' for your mobile phone contract; so most callers will not be charged for calling the helpline from a mobile phone.