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B&CE Wants Your Views

by B&CE | Sep 12, 2017

Framework consultation

The online consultation on B&CE’s proposed new occupational health framework is only open for a bit longer, so don’t miss your chance to respond.

The framework is the first stage in the development of a new occupational health model for the construction industry.  Margaret Grahamslaw, B&CE’s head of occupational health and wellbeing says, “The industry is eager for us to launch something as soon as possible, as there’s clearly a need for a solution that everyone can adopt.  But we want to make sure we get it absolutely right.”

The framework clarifies the complex health and safety legislation that employers need to comply with. By implementing it, employers will have a consistent and easily-repeatable process for assessing health, giving them confidence that workers’ health is being appropriately monitored as they move from job to job.

93% of attendees at B&CE’s consultation events in June gave a thumbs up to the framework, but they want to make sure that they hear from all parts of the industry.  With less than a month to go until the consultation closes, they want to hear your views.

The purpose of the online consultation is to gather initial immediate reaction to the proposed framework, asking two simple questions:

  1. Does this framework simplify occupational health for you? and
  2. Would you adopt this framework for your company?

Visit to watch the short overview video, download the framework, and provide any additional feedback you may have.

B&CE wants to create a framework that benefits the whole construction industry, so your feedback is valuable and appreciated.  Please feel free to share the link with colleagues.

The online consultation remains open until Friday 29 September, but don’t delay, give us your views now.

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