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NFRC at the Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival

by NFRC Scotland | Sep 05, 2018

 Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival

The NFRC was very pleased to be part of the 6th Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival which took place from 14-17 August at peak Edinburgh Festival Fringe time.

The demonstrations and talks were all free-to-attend and took place just off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Edinburgh World Heritage Trust and Architecture & Design Scotland kindly donated their premises to host the shows and all the presenters donated their time and materials to promote traditional building skills and materials and to CITB who sponsored the event.

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival

The NFRC kicked off the Festival roof slating and roof leadwork demonstrations delivered by Scott Miller of Compass Roofing and Steve McLennan of Greyfriars Roofing Services. There was a particular focus on the skills and materials required to repair and maintain Scotland’s built heritage.

An emphasis on the need for regular maintenance and the options for specifying slate in the World Heritage Site when replacing Scotch Slate.

Both demonstrations were well attended with the audience posing some very testing questions which were answered with the expertise expect.

Other presenters included experts from Historic Environment Scotland, Scottish Lime Centre Trust, British Geological Survey Building Stones Team, University of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University and others.

We are very fortunate to have so many tradespersons and professionals who are prepared to donate their time to share their knowledge and expertise but equally, we are fortunate to have so many people who take time out of their busy schedules (especially during the Festival Fringe) to find out more about the built heritage they see every day.

Lots of positive feedback on Twitter comments such as “terrific mix of hands-on demos, lectures, discussion and, well, Danish pastries. Looking at Edinburgh with fresh eyes now!” and “Good job guys for promoting this amazing topic!”


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