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CPD Traditional Slate Roofing

National Federation of Roofing Contractors CPD touches on many topics relevant to the maintenance and upgrade of tradition Scottish slate roofs. It will be presented by Graeme Miller from Bain & Irvine.

Please feel free to bring your own lunch.

Topics Covered will include:

  • Properties of Scottish Slate – colour, size (random, thickness), Supplies of Scotch Slate
  • Alternative Slates available
  • When to reslate and when to repair
  • When to redress and reuse slate introducing minimum new slates
  • When to totally strip and reslate
  • When reroofing gives you an opportunity to retrofit insulation to roof voids
  • Comparisons of Finished Roofs with Different Slates (especially those on terraced/tenement properties where the new slate abuts a roof with Scotch Slate, good and bad examples)

Material Considerations: A Library of Sustainable Building Materials, in partnership with the Scottish Traditional Building Forum present this CPD series looking at the materials and techniques of traditional Scottish construction.

Organiser of CPD: ​Architecture And Design Scotland


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