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NFRC has a well-proven commitment to Roof Training and Education through our representation and relationships with Colleges, Regional Roof Training Groups (RTGs), our various committees and joint initiatives with CITB and our skills competitions (SkillBuild and the IFD World Championships for Young Roofers) amongst other things.

Many of our Affiliated Training Providers will have students or candidates from NFRC member companies and have strong links with our Supplier members who kindly support providers with roofing materials, not only for training but also for competition heats and finals. 

Whether you are a young person looking to get into the industry or an experienced roofer looking to build on existing skills there will a provider suitable for your needs. You can check to see if a provider is affiliate by using the box on the right, or alternatively, click the grey button to view all Affiliated Training Providers.

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Asbestos Stories - We want to hear from you!

by NFRC | Jul 26, 2018

We need your assistance! 

We would like to hear from members who have any asbestos related stories/experiences you can share with us. These stories will be used to develop training to specifically help those who work in the roofing industry understand and be able to identify where they may encounter asbestos in their day to day roles. Having real life stories from fellow professionals will  help to raise awareness in others.  

How can you help?

We are looking for individuals who would be willing to record a short video, about 30 seconds long, telling us about your experiences with asbestos. Professional video recording equipment won’t be necessary just record using your phone or tablet device.

Below we’ve provided some examples to show you how to structure your content and tips for recording.

Story Examples: 

‘I once encountered asbestos at a customer’s house when I entered a loft space, I spotted there was an old flue pipe laying on the floor. It was clear that someone hadn’t followed regulation as there was clearly loose fibres all over the place, I immediately evacuated the space and followed our company emergency procedures’

‘I once witnessed someone with a pressure washer cleaning and asbestos cement roof! The splatters of moisture that contained broken bits of asbestos were going everywhere! The guy had no PPE or RPE on! He had exposed himself and everyone in the vicinity’

Video tutorial:

What you will need: a smart phone, a tripod (or something to prop your phone up while you shoot), good lighting and a quiet space.

Step-by-step process to shooting your next great video:

  1. Decide on the message you want to deliver
  2. Find a place in your home or office that is quiet, well-lit and where you feel comfortable.
  3. Place your phone in a tripod or propped against books or other objects where it is stable and upright. Make sure to have the camera on the phone set to face you, so that you can shoot and watch yourself on the screen at the same time.
  4. Shoot a 5-second test before you begin shooting the video.
  5. Write down the 3 key points of the video on a Post-it note and place the note above your recording device as a prompt.
  6. Shoot a 20-30 second video that quickly and concisely conveys your message.

If you can help then send your video clip to and don’t forget to provide your name, and contact details. Deadline for submissions 20th August 2018.

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