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RoofCERT is initially a four-year accreditation programme jointly funded by CITB and NFRC. Informed by research carried out in 2016, it is seeking to transform the roofing industry.

What ​are the aims?

The programme aims to establish an industry recognised ​accreditation standard for a roofing installer, supported and ​recognised by consumers and the construction supply chain. It will focus on:

  • Upskilling the workforce
  • Attracting new talent
  • Improving efficiency
  • Encouraging the use of new technology
  • Improving roofing's image

The programme has an objective of achieving an ​initial 5,000 accredited roofing installers by its completion.​

A collaborative approach

RoofCERT ​is a collaborative programme, delivered for the industry, by the industry, with employers across the supply chain, Trade Associations, training providers and all those associated with providing excellence united around an industry pledge. It will also take the best lessons from outside the industry. 

Recipe for Success

  • RoofCERT must clarify industry roles and skills, demonstrate robust career paths and the financial benefits of career progression.
  • RoofCERT must create an inclusive image to attract more diverse talent, partnering with bodies inside and outside the industry to promote roofing as a career.
  • RoofCERT must create a supply chain of quality training and make the route to accreditation affordable, and readily available.
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What is RoofCERT?

RoofCERT is the new accreditation programme for roofing operatives. The initial four-year programme is a matched-funding partnership between CITB and NFRC, with NFRC managing its development and delivery. The programme aims to establish an accreditation standard, which is supported and recognised by consumers and the construction supply chain.

RoofCERT will focus on capturing the current qualifications and experience in the workforce, together with upskilling where required; attracting new talent; improving efficiency; encouraging the use of new technology; and improving roofing's image. The goal is to accredit 5,000 roofing operatives initially, then for the scheme to be self-sustaining.

What is the evidence that the industry needs accreditation?

In 2016, the NFRC and the CITB commissioned a programme of research to better understand the state of skills and training among roofing contractors, which was based on surveys and in-depth interviews of 141 UK roofing contractors, 11 training organisations, 11 manufacturers and over 150 other stakeholders.

The report found that roofing installers were less qualified than many other construction roles, with recruitment predominantly based on family and friends, which limits the ability to attract new talent. It also found that there is a shortage of local training provision, with a limited number of assessors preventing more on-site training. It is hard for micro businesses and the self-employed to take time out for training. Snagging rates are therefore high and costly, which impacts productivity.

Will RoofCERT accreditation be for a company or an individual?

RoofCERT is aimed at individual operatives so that they can take it with them if they were to change companies.

What will the individual roofing installer need to do to become accredited?

After registering for the scheme, the roofing installer will need to carry out a ‘gateway’ knowledge test specific to their roofing specialism at one of the UK’s 100-plus secure test centres throughout the UK. The passing of this test will allow the individual to go to the next stage, which is to provide evidence of existing qualifications to include mandatory short duration courses on first aid, manual handling, working at height, fire safety and asbestos awareness, abrasive wheels and possibly another course which may be “non-technical” skills. There will be a refresher (to be designed in time) taken every three years to maintain the accreditation, which will include knowledge of British Standards.

Is RoofCERT accreditation available to new entrants?

Only those that have been working in roofing for a minimum of three years will be eligible for RoofCERT accreditation (though new entrants to the industry can be registered to enter the process).

When will installers be able to register for RoofCERT accreditation?

Work is currently underway to develop the registration system and processes and registration will be open early 2019.

Why is the NFRC investing time and money to develop and deliver RoofCERT?

As the UK’s largest roofing federation, the NFRC is committed to excellence in roofing, as well as improving its image among consumers and attracting new talent to meet a looming skills gap. The NFRC strongly believes that an accreditation scheme will improve trust in roofers, as it has done for other sectors.

NFRC wants an accreditation scheme that helps to drive out unskilled and unsafe cowboys who undercut responsible roofing installers and to professionalise the industry, making it more attractive to new entrants.

How is RoofCERT being developed?

The RoofCERT programme is being developed for industry, by industry and is therefore highly collaborative, which means involving the broadest range of stakeholders. The Leadership Committee is made up of representatives from across the sector, including roofing contractors, suppliers, merchants, main contractors, and agencies, including LABC.

This committee oversees the work being carried out by the three activity groups which include experts similarly recruited from both inside and outside of the roofing industry. The Accreditation and Standards activity group is creating the accreditation itself, how it will be managed and how it will be assessed. The Supply Chain Collaboration group will ensure that there is a pipeline of appropriate training available and assessing the best way to deliver it, either through assessment centres or on the ground. The Attraction group will explore the development of suitable career paths for roofing. It will also look at ways to make roofing attractive as a career option to new entrants from diverse backgrounds, and RoofCERT attractive to industry, households and buyers of roofing services.

This initial development phase will be completed by the end of 2018.

Do I have to be a member of the NFRC or another trade federation to become accredited?

No. It’s open to anyone in industry and the aim is have at least 5,000 roofers accredited by 2021.

How much will RoofCERT cost?

The cost of the first 5,000 contractors (single discipline) of the accreditation itself will be funded*. Thereafter, contractors will be charged a fee, which is yet to be decided. We urge all NFRC Contactor Members to take advantage of free accreditation once launched in 2019.

*It will be the responsibility of the operative / the employer, to ensure that they have the mandatory short duration courses.

What will happen at the end of the four-year programme?

The intention is that RoofCERT becomes an industry standard, fully sustainable and holding responsibility for the continued development and management of the accreditation scheme.

What if the roofing installer is unqualified?

RoofCERT accreditation aims to be a points-based system that captures an installers existing qualifications but also recognises experience gained on site. The latter will be undertaken via the assessment of experience via a trained and experienced Skills Auditor.


Any company/individual can pledge support for RoofCERT, doing so means that you support the following:

  1. An industry standard of certification for roofers that is recognised by Government, the supply chain and consumers.
  2. A sector-leading training programme focused on innovation and knowledge sharing to ensure the skills gaps is bridged.
  3. Opportunities open to all, with clear career progression and ongoing access to Continuing Professional Development.
  4. Place the customer at the forefront of everything that we do by creating a quality service based on trust and assurance for roofing.
  5. Support by all leading organisations in the built environment and relevant broader industry professional bodies.
To pledge support simply complete the form to the right. On completion, you will receive a mini campaign kit which includes a certificate which you can proudly display at your place of work. Once you've pledged don't forget to tweet!

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