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RoofCERT is initially a four-year accreditation programme jointly funded by CITB and NFRC. Informed by research carried out in 2016, it is seeking to transform the roofing industry.

What ​are the aims?

The programme aims to establish an industry recognised ​accreditation standard for a roofing installer, supported and ​recognised by consumers and the construction supply chain. It will focus on:

  • Upskilling the workforce
  • Attracting new talent
  • Improving efficiency
  • Encouraging the use of new technology
  • Improving roofing's image

The programme has an objective of achieving an ​initial 5,000 accredited roofing installers by its completion.​

A collaborative approach

RoofCERT ​is a collaborative programme, delivered for the industry, by the industry, with employers across the supply chain, Trade Associations, training providers and all those associated with providing excellence united around an industry pledge. It will also take the best lessons from outside the industry. 

Recipe for Success

  • RoofCERT must clarify industry roles and skills, demonstrate robust career paths and the financial benefits of career progression.
  • RoofCERT must create an inclusive image to attract more diverse talent, partnering with bodies inside and outside the industry to promote roofing as a career.
  • RoofCERT must create a supply chain of quality training and make the route to accreditation affordable, and readily available.

State of Skills & Training July 2018


Any company/individual can pledge support for RoofCERT, doing so means that you support the following:

  1. An industry standard of certification for roofers that is recognised by Government, the supply chain and consumers.
  2. A sector-leading training programme focused on innovation and knowledge sharing to ensure the skills gaps is bridged.
  3. Opportunities open to all, with clear career progression and ongoing access to Continuing Professional Development.
  4. Place the customer at the forefront of everything that we do by creating a quality service based on trust and assurance for roofing.
  5. Support by all leading organisations in the built environment and relevant broader industry professional bodies.
To pledge support simply complete the form to the right. On completion, you will receive a mini campaign kit which includes a certificate which you can proudly display at your place of work. Once you've pledged don't forget to tweet!

Roofing Sector Collaboration

The following Federations have pledged support to RoofCERT.


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