Mastic Asphalt / Hot Melt - Fitzroy Place

by Laura | Sep 30, 2017
Fitzroy Place

Winner of the UK Roofing Awards Mastic Asphalt / Hot Melt Award

At a glance:

Client: Exemplar
Architects: Sheppard Robson and Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
Roofing Contractor: Prater
Building Type: Mixed-use
Location: Gatwick Airport
Completion: 2016
Roof Type: Mastic Asphalt / Hot Melt
Finish: Radmat PermaQuik PQ6100 hot melt
Insulation: Radmat ProTherm
Underlay: ProTherm XENERGY MinK
Battens: Blumson Yellow Balau timber decking


The Project:

Located in central London’s East Marylebone Conservation Area, Fitzroy Place is a 1.3 hectare, mixed-use scheme developed by Exemplar on the site of the Edwardian Middlesex Hospital, whose façade has been retained on one side of the development, with the hospital’s Grade II listed chapel located in its centre. The scheme comprises office space, apartments, shops and restaurants built around a landscaped square. 1 Fitzroy Place includes 235 private apartments, 1,858 m2 of retail space, and 20,438 m2 of office space. 2 Fitzroy Place is the UK and Ireland Headquarters for Estée Lauder. The developments also has three residential blocks.

Prater_Fitzroy Place 2


Prater was appointed on a design and build (D&B) to undertake the inverted hot melt roofing elements basis by main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine. To ensure good weathertightness and integrity of the building, the design details had to be developed and worked up in close collaboration with the architects and Radmat, the supplier of the roofing products.

Fitzroy Place Challenges 


The scheme’s buildings were developed concurrently, which made the project logistically challenging, particularly in terms of the distribution of materials on site, to areas such as the balconies on the residential buildings. This, for example, involved the use of hoists through floors where internal finishes were being installed. Also, the speed of the build meant that design details had to be developed in a way that accommodate a changing and fluid programme, while complex sequencing and co-ordination with other contractors was required throughout the project.

Fitzroy Place Workmanship 


Radmat’s PermaQuik PQ6100 Hot Melt system was applied to a concrete deck, together with the associated green roofing and paving finishes. The system is BBA Certified to last the life of the building and high specification finish reflected the standards required for each stage of the build, including the roofing works.

To ensure that the most appropriate and efficient design solution was developed, Prater undertook all design detailing, which were verified by Radmat. Highly-trained Prater operatives completed the works to the exacting standards of Radmat, with a strict Inspection and test plan in place throughout the build. This involved rigorous snagging and checking for quality by both Prater management and Radmat, which made regular site visits and enabled work to be sign off for warranty purposes.

PermaQuik hot melt was also used as the waterproofing protection beneath the green roof finish on the residential blocks’ main roof areas. The team, therefore worked closely with trained horticulturists to achieve the correct green roof finish. PermaQuik hot melt waterproofing was also applied to the balcony areas, with the ProTherm insulation installed directly over it and finished off with a high-quality granite slab.

Fitzroy Place Project Management 

Project Management:

Senior management and a dedicated project manager oversaw all aspects of the project, including the ongoing planning of works, attending coordination meetings, making weekly safety walks, as well as progress meetings with the client and main contractor. Internal team meetings, involving commercial, design and buying managers, were held both on and off site, with individual departmental meetings taking place with the client and main contractor were as requested or where required.

Fitzroy Place Safety 


Prater views safety as a core value of its business, from the board level down, meaning that health and safety overrides everything else and is delivered in line with current regulations. Good site safety was therefore maintained throughout the project, with regular health and safety visits carried out onsite and to the Prater work areas. The project manager was responsible for site safety, including the writing and monitoring of the method statements, as well as completing the required documentation throughout the project. Careful logistics management and coordination, ensured that work areas were kept safe and in a good condition, with the working methodology carried out to mitigate any potential risks. Five-point PPE is compulsory as part of Prater policy and task specific PPE was provided to meet the requirements of individual tasks.

Fitzroy Place is a unique collection of prestigious new homes, enticing stores, restaurants and high-quality office space, which were constructed at the same time, making it a logistically challenging project. Nevertheless, Prater maintained neat and accurate workmanship throughout, which has been acknowledged by the main contractor, Sir Robert McAlpine.' Prater​