"We have sponsored the Roofing Awards on a number of occasions in previous years, and are proud to do so again in 2017. We are rooted in the construction sector, and are delighted to support awards such as these that recognise the achievements of our industry colleagues."

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Company Profile

B&CE is a not-for-profit organisation, which operates for the benefit of its members and their dependants.
Established in 1942 and founded in construction, B&CE’s current offerings include a workplace pension, employee accident cover, employee life cover and employee healthcare.
From our roots in construction, our activity and membership has grown into other sectors. And as we’ve grown, we’ve kept the needs of working people, and their families, at heart. We’re now looking for more ways to meet the needs of working people in construction and other sectors, with simple, good value products and benefits.
We acquired Constructing Better Health (CBH) in 2016, and since then, we've been taking steps to develop a better occupational health solution for the construction industry. This comes at a time when occupational health in the industry continues to rise up the agenda.
We want to get to grips with the problem of occupational health, and how it can be consistently managed to improve the workplace health of construction workers. We are working with the industry to develop a solution that will make occupational health management easier to administer and more cost effective for employers across the sector.

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