London and Southern Counties


Regional Manager: Sean Wootten | 07732 900786 | Email:

Number of Trade Members based in the Region: 412

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Meet the Region

Sean Wootten

London and Southern Counties Regional Manager

Sean Wootten

Kay Rose

London and Southern Counties Regional Chairman

Jack Henrickson

Regional Committee

Jack Henrickson FIoR (Chairman)
Daniel Burbridge (Vice Chairman)

Board Representative: Jack Henrickson FIoR 
Immediate past Chair: Paul Elliston MIoR

Paul Elliston MIoR
Martin Lloyd
Danny Catchesides
Frank Clarke FIoR
Simon Coleman FIoR
Peter Fitzgerald FIoR
John Howland
Jason McCarthy FIoR
Russell Mundy FIoR
Simon Nightingale FIoR
Sophie Pourou MIoR
Richard Soan FIoR

Honorary Committee Members
Jack Camp
Mike De Cort
Bernard Delahunty
Mic Pyle FIoR
Steve Revell FIoR
Tony Twiss