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Number of Trade Members based in the Region: 126



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Meet the Region

Andy Turnbull Regional Manager

Yorkshire and North East Regional Manager

Andrew Turnbull



Regional Committee

National Jnr Vice President: Mark Mitchell—Jarvis & Womack Ltd (also Slating & Tiling Technical Committee Rep)
Regional Chairman/Region Board Member: John Elmore—Martin-Brooks (RS) Ltd (also Heritage Technical Committee Rep/ Slating and Tiling Technical Committee Deputy)
Treasurer: Peter Rogerson OBE

Regional Vice Chairman: Karl Austerfield—Karl Austerfield Roofing Ltd (also Heritage Technical Committee Deputy)
Dan Cambell—Roofclad Systems Ltd (Flat Roof /RBM Technical Committee Rep)
Chris Petre—Chris Petre Ltd (Sheeting and Cladding Technical Committee Rep)
Martin Adwick—Templar Roofing Services Ltd (Flat Roof / RBM Technical Committee Deputy)
Esme Flounders—Barclay Roofing Ltd
Josh Greaves—Everlast (Group) Ltd
Drew Miller—Total Gutter Maintenance Ltd (Health and Safety Technical Committee Rep)

Past Chairman: Gerald Brooks—Martin-Brooks (RS) Ltd
Past Chairman: Gerald Parker—Parker Maythorn Ltd
Past Chairman: Brian Donkin—BD Roofing Ltd (Sheeting and Cladding Technical Committee Deputy)

Co Opted Member (Triennial Inspector): Ralph N Bennett
Co Opted Member (Triennial Inspector): Kevin Taylor—KT Roofing Consultant
Co Opted Member (YIRTG (Training Group)): Denise Cherry—YIRTG

Supplier Members
Steve Blewitt—SAHTAS
Gordon Brown—SIG/Asphaltic Supplies
John Sheldon—Northern Slates Ltd