Yorkshire and North East Counties


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Number of Trade Members based in the Region: 126



Yorkshire Map

Meet the Region

Andy Turnbull Regional Manager

Yorkshire and North East Regional Manager

Temporary cover being provided by Carol Ray

Andy Turnbull Regional Manager

Yorkshire and North East Regional Chairman

John Elmore

Regional Committee

National Jnr Vice President: Mark Mitchell—Jarvis & Womack Ltd (also Slating & Tiling Technical Committee Rep)
Regional Chairman/Region Board Member: John Elmore—Martin-Brooks (RS) Ltd (also Heritage Technical Committee Rep/ Slating and Tiling Technical Committee Deputy)
Treasurer: Peter Rogerson OBE

Regional Vice Chairman: Karl Austerfield—Karl Austerfield Roofing Ltd (also Heritage Technical Committee Deputy)
Dan Cambell—Roofclad Systems Ltd (Flat Roof /RBM Technical Committee Rep)
Chris Petre—Chris Petre Ltd (Sheeting and Cladding Technical Committee Rep)
Martin Adwick—Templar Roofing Services Ltd (Flat Roof / RBM Technical Committee Deputy)
Esme Flounders—Barclay Roofing Ltd
Josh Greaves—Everlast (Group) Ltd
Drew Miller—Total Gutter Maintenance Ltd (Health and Safety Technical Committee Rep)

Past Chairman: Gerald Brooks—Martin-Brooks (RS) Ltd
Past Chairman: Gerald Parker—Parker Maythorn Ltd
Past Chairman: Brian Donkin—BD Roofing Ltd (Sheeting and Cladding Technical Committee Deputy)

Co Opted Member (Triennial Inspector): Ralph N Bennett
Co Opted Member (Triennial Inspector): Kevin Taylor—KT Roofing Consultant
Co Opted Member (YIRTG (Training Group)): Denise Cherry—YIRTG

Supplier Members
Steve Blewitt—SAHTAS
Gordon Brown—SIG/Asphaltic Supplies
John Sheldon—Northern Slates Ltd