Complaint form

NFRC expects high standards of professionalism from our members as set out in our Code of Practice. We recognise that very occasionally a member may breach this Code. If you feel that one of our members has breached the Code and wish to make a formal complaint, all complaints received are dealt with in accordance with the NFRC Complaints Procedure.

To start our complaints process, please fully complete the complaint form below:


Your details

Address of property giving rise to the complaint (if different from above)

NFRC Member you are complaining about

(if known)
Please note: if the company is not a member of NFRC we will be unable to assist.
(if you have a direct telephone number for your contact that is different to their main company telephone number—mobile number preferred)
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What is your contractual relationship with the NFRC Member?

Please note: if you have not employed the services of our member yourself we will be unable to assist.

(the date when the roof work started, for example 'September 2020')

Please note: if the work commenced over four years ago, we will be unable to assist.

Has every effort been made to resolve the matter that has led to this complaint with the NFRC Member?

If no—please raise your complaint direct with our member. All NFRC members have a complaints procedure that should be easy to follow. You should put your issues in writing to them as this is their chance to resolve your complaint at the earliest opportunity. We always encourage the client and member to resolve disputes between themselves and will not accept a complaint until this action has been taken.
Have you or the member taken legal action?

Please note: If legal action has been taken, we will not be able to assist.

Please also upload scans/copies of any supporting paperwork

Supporting evidence

Please upload the following information, or ensure that it is readily available for inspection by our complaint investigator:

A copy of the original quotation for works
Copies of any subsequent quotations
Any photographic evidence
Copies of relevant correspondence


  • Our complaints process is to uphold our Code of Practice and Terms & Conditions which all our members are bound by. In doing so, the primary role of the NFRC complaint service is to provide a conciliation service between a client and our member when things go wrong.
  • NFRC is a Trade Association and not a regulatory body. Our authority rests in our relationship with our members.
  • Once we have determined that your complaint is within our scope, we will contact the contractor on your behalf.
  • You must be willing to allow the contractor the opportunity to rectify the work on your installation, as outlined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (even if this opportunity has been provided prior to our involvement).
  • We will work with you and the contractor to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. However, dependent on the nature and complexity of your complaint, this may take some time.
  • We reserve the right to carry out an inspection on the work if we deem it necessary
  • The result of our findings will be final.

If you are unsatisfied with the handling of your complaint, please write to us at NFRC, 31 Worship Street, London EC2A 2DY or via email to