The NFRC expects high standards of professionalism from our members as set out in our Code of Practice. We recognise that very occasionally a member may breach this Code. If you feel that one of our members has breached the Code and wish to make a formal complaint, all complaints received are dealt with in accordance with the following procedure.

The NFRC's legal authority

The NFRC is a voluntary membership body, not a government regulator. As such we only have authority over our members in relation to their membership with us. We have no authority to issue fines, compel a member to start or to complete a project or prevent a member from trading.

Making a complaint about an NFRC Trade Member

NFRC can help customers who have a dispute with an NFRC member company with a free service whereby we will endeavour to reconcile a dissatisfied consumer with the member company. A consumer is defined as an individual who has entered into a contract with a member.

Prior to submitting a complaint to the NFRC, we would ask that consumers who have concerns regarding the roofing works carried out under contract with a NFRC member to initially contact the member and utilise their complaints policy to express these concerns and agree a resolution. All NFRC members are required to have their own Customer Complaints procedure.

The following are examples of areas where the NFRC is not able to assist:

  • We are unable to assist if the company has ceased to be a member of NFRC
  • We are not responsible for paying compensation or making a financial award
  • We cannot consider complaints where the work in question does not relate to one of the listed disciplines for our member (please refer to ‘services offered’ under the members NFRC profile on our web site)
  • We cannot become involved if either party has commenced legal proceedings or employed/involved a third party to resolve the dispute for example a Solicitor, Trading Standards or another trade body.
  • Complaints need to be submitted by those in the contractual relationship with our member (the consumer), or by the member themselves.
  • Where the work in question has been carried out more than four years ago
  • Where the work in question has been carried out outside of the UK

What can NFRC do?

Upon receipt of your initial complaint to our Helpdesk (, a member of our team will advise your local regional manager, who will contact you to discuss the matter in more detail and seek resolution between both parties. If the matter requires further attention, we may request that you make an official complaint in writing, following our complaints procedure. Our Regional Managers will always attempt mediation between both parties prior to an official complaint being issued. 

The NFRC monitors the conduct of its members and members are expected to adhere to the NFRC's Code of Practice. We can, if appropriate, refer the Member's conduct to the NFRC's Complaints Committee for consideration for breaches of our Regulations and Code of Practice. This is an internal matter between the NFRC and its member. Please note that NFRC will only liaise with ONE main contact regarding your dispute.

Making a compliant about something else

If you have a complaint about a Supplier Member or Service Provider, a member of staff or any service provided by NFRC, please contact us directly in writing or by using the feedback form.

All complaints to NFRC will be dealt with in line with the NFRC Complaints Policy and acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint will be sent to you within 48 hours (Monday – Friday during normal working hours of 9am – 5pm).