History of NFRC

  • NFRC Roofing Times newsletter issue 03

    Launch of Roofing Times: 3rd November

    NFRC launches a new bi-monthly magazine to allow Supplier Members to promote themselves to Trade Members. Printed copies are sent to all members and additional articles are posted on a new Roofing Times website.
  • Coronavirus hub icon

    Coronavirus hub

    Launch of the NFRC Coronavirus hub to support the whole roofing industry (not just members) through the pandemic.
  • NFRC first publication image

    First publication: 3rd October

    The first edition of the bi-monthly magazine called Update was produced, created to provide all the latest NFRC news and business information for members.

  • Safety in Roofing Award image

    First Safety in Roofing Awards

    Recognises the high level of Health & Safety best practice by Trade Members by introducing the first Safety in Roofing Awards.

  • IFD World Championships for Young Roofers

    NFRC relocates

    In the Summer, National Head Office re-locates to Weymouth Street, London and in November Hosts the first IFD World Championships for Young Roofers in Stratford upon Avon.

  • First IFD congress

    First IFD Congress

    NFRC hosts their first IFD Congress in London.

  • Internationale Föderation des Dachdeckerhandwerks

    NFRC joins IFD

    NFRC becomes a member of the Internationale Föderation des Dachdeckerhandwerks (International Federation for the Roofing Trade, IFD).

  • Independent LASMMS formed

    Independent LASMMS formed: 25th November

    A further meeting took place where it was decided that an independent London Association of Slate Merchants and Master Slaters (LASMMS) be formed, with a view to co-operating with the National Association.

  • London regional branch formed

    London regional branch formed: 25th October

    It was recorded that Mr Townsley together with a Mr Nicholson of Newcastle and a Mr Shenton of Derby called a meeting at the Charing Cross Hotel in London. Attended by eleven slate merchants and slaters from the London area, they agreed to form the London regional branch.

  • A meeting of slaters

    First NASMS AGM: 14th September

    The first annual general meeting of the National Association of Slate Merchants and Slaters (NASMS) was held at the Green Dragon Hotel in Leeds. In its first year, membership reached over three figures with six regional branches.

  • A meeting of slaters

    A Meeting of Slaters

    A group of forty slate merchants and slaters from across England met in York. James Townsley, a Hull slater, initiated the meeting with a view to forming a national association.

    From its early beginnings as an association of slating interests, with its journal called ‘The Slate Trades Gazette’ founded in 1892, taken over as 'The Roofing Contractor' magazine in 1949, which NFRC expanded to represent all major sectors of roofing.

  • It all began