NFRC currently offers three types of membership: trade (for roofing contractors), supplier (for manufacturers, merchants and service providers to the roofing industry) and affiliated membership (roofing colleges and training centres). 

Please see below for full details of each type along with the list of benefits and advantages it could offer to you.

Trade Supplier Affiliated

Trade membership (for roofing contractors)

A seal of approval
The NFRC can help enhance your reputation. We audit all members for quality assurances and have a strict Code of Conduct which all members have to adhere to. By joining a network of 1,200 members you can help to amplify our collective voice within construction and influence national policy that affects the roofing sector.
Use of our logo
Becoming a member is an endorsement from the NFRC.  This means you can use our logo on your vehicles, all promotional materials, business stationery, and website.
Boosting your public visibility
Membership will increase your visibility, putting you firmly in the spotlight. We can help you maximise publicity and reach a wider audience through local and national PR and events. You’ll also be added to our trusted online directory, which thousands of customers use to find roofing professionals.
Make the most of your membership 
Membership gives you access to government-backed schemes that can improve your margins and further increase your credibility among customers. Discounted membership to the CompetentRoofer scheme allows you to self-certify roof refurbishments as compliant with Building Regulations in England and Wales, while automatic enrolment into TrustMark provide your current and future customers with additional re-assurance. Heritage roofing specialists can enhance their credentials further by joining our Heritage Roofing Register, which is endorsed by Historic England, Historic Scotland and Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments.
A platform for knowledge
One of the biggest perks of being part of the NFRC is the access you get to knowledge and best practice. The NFRC is developing a new accreditation scheme with the CITB that will provide members with industry-endorsed recognition of their skills and experience.
Advice and support 
The NFRC offer free advice and support on a range of issues. This includes advising you of changes in legislation, offering health and safety guidance and giving you access to a library of standards and guidance.
Technical quality
The NFRC is known throughout the sector to be leading the way in terms of technical quality. We have dedicated technical officers, a vast technical library and hold regular seminars to keep abreast of developments.
Subsidised training
We offer training support and guidance across the UK with a dedicated Training Manager. This includes basic competency advice and CPD signposting.
Business services
Our business services packages give members bespoke advice on business efficiency, finance and insurance as well as legal advice on contract law. This support is designed to reduce overheads, improve client confidence, make processes more streamlined and ultimately to boost your bottom line.

How Much Will it Cost?

Submit your online application for membership of NFRC using the button below. In order to be processed, all membership applications require a non-refundable application fee of £200 (plus VAT) to be paid.


Supplier Membership

(for manufacturers, merchants, service providers)

NFRC represents all spectrum's of the roofing industry and Supplier membership is available to all reputable companies who manufacture, distribute roofing products or provide market services to the roofing industry. 

Our aim is to provide all our contracting members with companies that we have checked and approved so that there is a choice of products and services. All Supplier members have to abide by the NFRC Constitution and Rules and Code of Practice, so all can expect a fair deal whilst working to improve the status of the roofing industry.

To download a copy of the latest benefits please click here.

To start the application process click the Apply Now below and complete the online application form.


Affiliated Membership

(for roofing colleges, training centres)

The NFRC Affiliated ​membership ​is to support those who undertake roof training with technical information and materials because as the largest roofing association NFRC believes its our duty to ​support any training which can benefit the trade and where possible our member companies.

The benefits include:

  • Access to all NFRC technical and Health & Safety publications
  • Listing on the NFRC website
  • Free CITB-CS Roof Training Manuals (sourced through NFRC)
  • Opportunities to ​participate ​in National and International Skills Competitions

In addition to the above, we may also be able to assist Affiliated Training Providers in obtaining discounted or free materials from a wide range of  Supplier members (i.e. manufacturers and suppliers). Some Supplier members have of course supported colleges for many years but there are many others who have expressed an interest and would like to contribute.

If your college would like to be considered as an affiliated member please Contact us