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Zinco Green Roof Systems Ltd

St. John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

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Tel: 01223 853843
Membership No: 91513
Entry Date: 26/01/2018
Carola Bachofer
Company Profile

As one of the leading suppliers for green roof systems, ZinCo offers state-of-the art green roof technique for the landscaping of roofs. ZinCo offers a wide range of tested and proven system solutions to suit different sorts of roof structures (flat, pitched, inverted roofs etc.) and meet the most diverse requirements of soft and hard landscaping on roofs - from simple extensive greening via intensive roof gardens to the most sophisticated roof designs including, blue roofs, biosolar roofs and landscaped podiums. ZinCo systems comply with international standards and selected systems have the European Technical Assessment ‘Kits for Green Roofs’ (CE ETA 13/0668).

With an experience of more than 40 years in the green roof sector, ZinCo have always been pioneers and innovators in the field of extensive and intensive roof greening with a great focus on permanent research and development. Apart from the material supply ZinCo offers technical support and consultancy from planning to completion of a green roof project including design, specifications, CAD and on-site support if required.

Supplier Member - Manufacturer
Flat Roofing Products:
  • Green Roof Drainage Boards
  • Green Roof Substrates
  • Green Roofs
  • Green Walling
  • Paving / Decking Supports
  • Walkways / Safety Nets / Safety Hooks
Solar Energy:
  • Fixing / Mounting Systems
Sheeting & Cladding Products:
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Spacer/Support Systems
Supplier Member - Merchant
Flat Roofing Products:
  • Rounded Pebbles


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