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NFRC has two types of membership: trade and supplier.

Details of each membership type is listed below.

NFRC also runs the National Heritage Roofing Contractors' Register, which is open to any roofing contractor specialising within the heritage sector to apply of and also lists members from the Lead Contractors Association (LCA).

Roofing Contractors (Trade Members)

Trade Members (roofers) are those who carry out the work. Before any roofing contractor is accepted into membership, they must go through a vigorous vetting procedure. This includes an office and site audit, to ensure that every member works to the standard you would expect from the NFRC.

You can check what roofing disciplines each contractor has been approved for by clicking on their profile, where you will also find their contact details.

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This membership type broadly falls into three groups: manufacturers of roofing products; merchants who sell roofing products to roofing contractors and building companies; and service providers.

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This membership type is open to any specialist heritage roofing contractor. Members of NFRC and non-members of the Federation are separately vetted for this specialist discipline.

The National Heritage Roofing Contractors' Register, developed in 2008, is supported by the National Heritage Agencies to help protect and ensure that heritage roofs are maintained in traditional ways and not destroyed by inexperienced personnel.

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