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NFRC has three types of membership: trade, supplier and affiliated. Details of each membership type is listed below.

NFRC also runs the National Heritage Roofing Contractors' Register, which is open to any roofing contractor specialising within the heritage sector to apply of and also lists members from the Lead Contractors Association (LCA).

Roofing contractors (Trade members)

This membership type is made up of roofing contractor companies who have been rigorously vetted to carry out certain types of roofwork. You will be able to see what types of roofwork each company has been approved for by checking the 'services offered' accessed by clicking into the 'full info' tab on the contractor's details.

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Materials/ Service providers (Supplier members)

This membership type broadly falls into three groups: manufacturers of roofing products; merchants who sell roofing products to roofing contractors and building companies; and service providers.

Associate members are very supportive to the roofing industry, and in particular of training initiatives that NFRC is involved in, for example, our skills competitions, the Annual Roofing Awards, seminars and social networking events.

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Heritage Roofing contractors

This membership type is open to any specialist heritage roofing contractor. Members of NFRC and non-members of the Federation are separately vetted for this specialist discipline.

The National Heritage Roofing Contractors' Register, developed in 2008, is supported by the National Heritage Agencies to help protect and ensure that heritage roofs are maintained in traditional ways and not destroyed by inexperienced personnel.

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Affilated members

This membership type is made up of colleges and roof training groups that offer roofing courses. NFRC has formed close ties with the majority of roofing colleges and training groups through the sourcing of competitors for the skills competitions who, in turn, can also be employed by our trade member companies.

As members, affiliated colleges have access and contribute to a multitude of training materials on the website and also form relationships with Supplier members through the supply of materials and expertise to the colleges.

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