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England Construction Opportunities project (ECO)

NFRC has successfully secured CITB backing to offer support to industry employers to recruit and retain the workforce they need.

The England Construction Opportunities (‘ECO’) project supports new entrants and their employers to sustain employment from job start to six months in the job. This now includes Scotland based apprentices too.

The project offers support in the workplace through job coaching, mentoring, employer engagement, peer and buddy systems or other appropriate support measures. Research has shown that having more support available to new entrants when entering into employment increases the likelihood of their retention.

This means that we can offer:

  • Support to recruit and retain ‘new or returning to the industry’ employees (in all types of jobs—not only on-site roles, but also supervisors, designers, project managers and office support staff)
  • Guide you, the employer, through the recruitment and interview stages
  • Source site readiness training for the new employee, if required
  • Guide you, the employer, through accessing CITB grants for ongoing employment support for the new employee
  • Complete coaching and mentoring activities with your new employee for their first six months in the job.

This is a three year project from NFRC and CITB. CITB is committed to invest in this initiative to support employers to recruit and retain good quality staff, using CITB levy funding. These changes have all been designed to improve the achievement of project outputs and outcomes, increase value for money from the CITB levy and extend the positive impact of the construction sector.


Eligible employees should be either new to the industry or returning to the construction industry. This now includes apprentices as well as other employees. Employees can be employed directly or be self-employed.

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