blue roof guide

Blue Roofs Guidance

NFRC technical guidance note for the construction and design of Blue Roofs. Roofs and podiums with controlled temporary water attenuation.



Safe2Torch is an NFRC campaign developed in partnership with contractor and manufacturer members of the NFRC, launched Monday 3 July 2017, which seeks to significantly reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches, either to dry out roofs or when used to install torch-on membranes.


Mates In Mind

Right now, one in six workers in the UK is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, in the construction industry it suggests 350,000 people ​are suffering at any one time. Life in construction offers jobs and careers full of energy with a unique mix of diversity, skills sets, opportunity and life experience. It offers workers across the UK a chance to change the face of the world we live in, both for themselves and for others. Because of this every single person in Construction deserves the chance of positive mental health. NFRC is supporting the campaign and it is their intention to train members of staff to become mental health champions.


No Time to Lose

IOSH's No Time to Lose campaign aims to get carcinogenic exposure issues more widely understood and help businesses take action. NFRC has pledged to support and to promote the campaign throughout our membership and the roofing sector to raise awareness of the occupational health risks attributed to working in the construction industry.


The Health in Construction Leadership Group

The HCLG, which NFRC is a member, aim is to unite the construction industry to eradicate the ill health and disease caused by exposures to health hazards on building sites .


Breathe Freely

Breathe Freely is a BOHS initiative, aimed at reducing occupational lung disease in the UK, which causes significant debilitating ill-health and an estimated 13,000 deaths per year.  Breathe Freely is about raising awareness both of the problem and how to do something about it: we can protect workers’ health and prevent most of these diseases and deaths. It is not just “the right thing to do”, it is good for business as well. And broad acceptance of this is part of the solution..


Helping Great Britain Work Well

Great Britain’s health and safety record is the envy of much of the world. Central to this is protecting people by managing risk in a proportionate and effective way, supporting innovation and increasing productivity. The challenge is to improve even further on this impressive record. HSE is seeking to influence the system through the Help Great Britain work well strategy.


Building People Logo


Building People is working collaboratively across the built environment to make it easier for people to find careers information, resources, events and vacancies, and to help employers widen talent pools in order to attract and retain a more diverse workforce.