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Project Motivation

Describe the roof/wall and its complexity, including its most prominent and/or difficult design features. Include details of the products used and how the contractor and/or supplier worked with the architect and/or the client to ensure buildability.
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Describe how it was installed, including novel approaches to solving installation challenges. Include details of how the team ensured quality was maintained throughout the project.
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Describe how the project was managed, including approaches to delivering it on time and to budget. You may include details of how the team overcame logistical challenges such as access to constrained sites. You may also describe how your approach met or exceeded customer expectations.
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Explain how the health, safety and environment was managed during the planning, design and installation of the project. Were any health & safety initiatives implemented to improve the welfare of the workforce? Can the completed project be maintained in a safe way? What measures were taken to lessen the environmental impact of the build and how were they implemented?
Please be as detailed as possible
Describe how trainees were involved within the works and if any Assessments took place. Tell us how new technologies were used in the works, e.g. use of drones for survey/inspection etc. Were any new products used and was there any direct manufacturer guidance and instruction given? You may wish to mention allocation of trainees to gain valuable experience in this certain project.
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Images should include a mixture of overview and close-up shots of the work, people on site etc. These images are used to assist in the shortlisting and judging, so all images must relate to the category you are entering.


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