2021 UK Roofing Awards

Highlights of the 2021 NFRC UK Roofing Awards

A brief overview of the awards event that took place on 5 November 2021 at the InterContinental London—The O2 hotel. This film was edited during the event and shown on big screens at the after party [click unmute to hear the audio].

Celebrating the winners of the NFRC UK Roofing Awards

[click unmute to hear the audio]

2018 UK Roofing Awards

JOB2886W426 NFRC President Steve Revell with Emma Lawton (1) JOB2886W383 JOB2886W298 JOB2886W196 JOB2886W405 JOB2886W491 JOB2886W461 Lunch Awards Emma Lawton (7) JOB2886W480 JOB2886W156 JOB2886W155 JOB2886W125 JOB2886W101 JOB2886W103 JOB2886W083 Welcome Drinks Reception (13) Welcome Drinks Reception (5) JOB2886W200 JOB2886W416