Sponsor of the Roof Slating award

Why are we involved & what does this mean to us?

At CUPA PIZARRAS we pride ourselves with collaboration of sponsorships to ensure they align with our core values. Our involvement with the NFRC underscores our commitment to supporting quality and innovation in the industry. We strive on ensuring the standards are met and shaping the future of roofing. 

We are proud to be sponsoring NFRC Roofing awards 2024. 


Company Profile

1 out of every 2 pieces of slate installed in the world comes from CUPA PIZARRAS, with more than 130 years of history, we are now the world leader in the production and distribution of natural slate.

We have 20 quarries in Spain with the most modern technologies that coexists with traditional knowledge and craftsmanship. All our slate is extracted and selected within the best quarries of Galicia and Castile and León. 

Our exhaustive control of the whole process enables us to offer a range of natural slates that exceed all the international quality standards. Additionally, our commitment to the environment shows in the modern construction solutions we have designed, with a focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


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