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Sponsor of the Mastic Asphalt Award

We are sponsoring the asphalt award as this is where the company began its business, repairing asphalt plant. We still feel very strongly about the benefits of asphalt so we thought it would be fitting to sponsor this category

Kim Wilkins—Company Director

Company Profile

In the post-war era, two brothers decided to set up their own business, which in those days was not about building something, but about making a living. There were no grand plans or a business model. Along with them were youngest brother, Terry, and Henry James ‘Pat’ Padwick, their half-brother.

The company landed in the sole stewardship of the youngest Horrod of the clan, Terry Horrod. Like his brothers he had learned his trade from the ground up, so losing them both from the company in the early 1980s, was particularly hard on him. But W J Horrod Ltd has a tradition of family, and family remain to this day.

Horrods believe that we can, and we must, design equipment to be both safe and efficient. We engage with all the NGOs within the industry, NFRC, MAC and Construction Health and Safety Group, and government bodies such as HSE. The company motto is SAFETY FIRST! Kim Wilkins, née Horrod, and brother Terry Horrod, now uphold the values of their father’s company. The third generation of Horrods is patiently working alongside, ready to take the company forward in the years to come.


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