Sponsor of the Large Scale Projects (Over £250k) Award

Company Profile

Marley is at the forefront of the roofing industry in the UK, with over 100 years of roofing
expertise and heritage.

We are the only UK manufacturer offering all elements of a roofing system including clay and concrete tiles, shingles, roofing accessories and BS 5534 compliant roofing batten JB Red.

What’s more, this complete pitched roofing solution comes with an unrivalled 15 year guarantee, offering you complete peace of mind. 

All our products have been designed to not only work seamlessly together but to be fully
compliant with all current British Standards, be quick and economical to install, and for the
building owner they require minimal on-going maintenance but maximum durability and long life.
All our products are supported by a wide range of easily accessible technical services and expert
support for customers from all areas of the construction industry.

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