Sponsor of the Reinforced Bitumen Membranes Award

"Sika Roofing has supported the NFRC Roofing Awards since xx. Sika endorses the NFRC's consistent approach to improving standards and regulations within the UK roofing industry and actively promotes the benefits of the NFRC to its wide network of approved contractors.

The Roofing Awards is the perfect opportunity to celebrate some of the quality workmanship carried out in 2019, and is recognition of NFRC contractor members' dedication to driving industry standards forward."

Company Profile

Sika is a leading global chemicals manufacturer providing solutions for the construction industry, from basement to roofs. Sika’s roofing division for Single Ply membranes, Liquid Applied membranes and Reinforced Bituminous membranes within the UK comprises of four roofing membrane brands, Sika Sarnafil, Sika-Trocal, Sika Liquid Plastics and SikaBit.


Sika Sarnafil is renowned throughout the world for providing high quality single ply roofing solutions for over 50 years. Our waterproof membranes are suitable for most types of roof design in new build and refurbishment applications; on steel, timber, and concrete structures; and for warm, cold, and inverted roofs.

Technical support and advice is provided, with dedicated support from the Sika Sarnafil Technical Services Department, and our Roofing Field Technicians, who provide on-site project inspections, as well as technical back-up for our Registered Contractors.


With a proven track record, and designed with an efficient installation process in mind, Sika-Trocal single ply roofing systems combine long-term performance, fast application, and an unrivalled freedom of design, which makes us ideal for virtually any roof application.

Sika-Trocal systems are installed by our Licenced Contractors, who are competently trained, and regularly assessed, to ensure a high quality of installation throughout the project.


Quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics replicated throughout Sika Liquid Plastics - visible in our products, technical support and research & development. Since 1963 we have produced an extensive range of high performance, technologically advanced coatings and membranes, for the protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies.

Technical support and advice is provided by our nationwide network of Area Technical Managers, and our expert Technical Services Team. The Sika Liquid Plastics guarantee offers a single point of responsibility, which our fully trained Quality Assured Contractors can apply for, and on-site project support is provided throughout by our highly skilled Applications Team. They provide technical advice, guidance, and conduct regular comprehensive inspections, to ensure the highest level of workmanship has been reached.


We have over 40 years experience producing Reinforced Bituminous Membranes to suit a wide range of roof types and application requirements. Backed by decades of expertise and leading guarantees, Sika Provides a range of Safe2Torch options for both New Build and Refurbishment projects, supported by Sika’s comprehensive Technical and Applications support, and fully trained Certified Contractors, you can be confident of working with the best.

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