Sponsor of the Reinforced Bitumen Membranes award

"Sika has supported the NFRC Roofing Awards for many years. Sika endorses the NFRC’s consistent approach to improving standards and regulations within the UK roofing industry and actively promotes the benefits of the NFRC to its wide network of approved contractors.

"The Roofing Awards is the perfect opportunity to celebrate quality workmanship and is recognition of NFRC contractor members’ dedication to driving industry standards forward."

Company Profile

Sika has a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and the motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 101 countries around the world and manufactures in over 300 factories. With more than 27,500 employees Sika generates annual sales of CHF 10.49 billion (£9.4 bn). We are also committed to providing quality, service, safety and environmental care.

In the UK and Ireland, we provide market-leading solutions for concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, refurbishment, sealing & bonding, and industry, and have manufacturing sites in Welwyn Garden City, Preston, Leeds, Wishaw and Dublin with more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of more than £360 million.

Combining performance with minimised environmental impact, our flat roofing systems and products protect buildings from all types of climate and weather conditions.  Sika provides a range of solutions for flat roofing construction, these include single ply membranes, liquid applied membranes and bituminous membranes. Providing technical, site and product support for both new build and refurbishment projects, we are renowned worldwide for our high-quality solutions. Whatever your roof’s waterproofing requirement, you can rely on Sika to have it covered. 

In 2020, Sika understood the requirement for a bituminous solution for our customers to be able to provide solutions for all roof types and project requirements. To ensure the same premium products alongside our single ply and liquid applied systems, Sika acquired the largest bituminous manufacturer in Europe and created a new product range, SikaShield, for the UK market.


Sika roofing brochures
Sika have a range of brochures related to their roofing products at the downloads area of the Sika website.