Winners of the UK Roofing Awards 2021

Hosted byTiff Needell

The winners of the 2021 NFRC UK Roofing Awards were revealed on 5 November at the InterContinental London—The O2. The awards ceremony, hosted by racing driver and TV presenter Tiff Needell, was the first UK Roofing Awards live event to take place in over two years due to the impact of Covid-19. It was the largest ever Roofing Awards, with over a thousand guests in attendance.

The Headline Sponsor for the event was Radmat Building Products, and BMI were the sponsor of the drinks reception and after-show part; and  the Awards Knowledge Partner was SIG Roofing.

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2021 UK Roofing Award Sponsors

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, without who these awards wouldn't have been possible.

Headline Sponsor Drinks Reception and
After-Show Party Sponsor
Awards Knowledge Partner
Radmat Building Products BMI-300pxw SIG Roofing

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Bituminous Hot Applied Liquid Waterproofing: Sponsored by Axter


WINNER: ICS Ltd for Vega Controls, Ashdown Business Park

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Campbell Wharf, Campbell ParkNRA Roofing & Flooring Services Ltd
  • Old Library Site, SloughMalone Roofing (Newbury) Ltd
  • Wessex HotelRoofsmiths LLP

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing: Sponsored by TN International

  Cold applied--San Remo Towers

WINNER: Roofsmiths LLP for San Remo Towers Block E

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Chesil Cliff HouseWestern Flat Roofing Co
  • Hatfield TunnelItech Roofworks Ltd
  • Sutton Court RoadWeatherwell Roofing Limited

Fully-Supported Metal: Sponsored by Metal Solutions

 Fully-supported metal--Cliff Tops

WINNER: Roles Broderick Roofing Limited for Cliff Tops

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • City Chambers, GlasgowCity Building (Glasgow) LLP
  • LGBT+ Centre, ManchesterLongworth Building Services Limited
  • The Pavilion Isle Of WightRoles Broderick Roofing Limited

Green Roofing: Sponsored by GRO

 Green--Skelton Lake

WINNER: Cawston Specialist Roofing Ltd and ABG Ltd for Leeds Skelton Lake Motorway Services

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • AshrayaSky Garden Ltd
  • The Centre for Agricultural and Biosciences International (CABI)Malone Roofing
  • Williamsgate Water Treatment WorksBriggsAmasco

Heritage Roofing: Sponsored by Skyline Roofing Centres

 Heritage--Little Sodbury

WINNER: Ellis & Co for Little Sodbury Manor

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Craig HouseSouthwest Roofing Services
  • Old Westbury Mansion HouseClaude N Smith Ltd
  • SospanGreenough & Sons Roofing

Mastic Asphalt: Sponsored by WJ Horrods

 Mastic--St Anthonys

WINNER: SPV Group for St Anthonys, Oxford

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Pacific CourtSussex Asphalte Ltd
  • Swaylands HouseInfallible Systems Ltd
  • Worthing Dome CinemaSussex Asphalte Ltd

Multi-discipline project > £250k: Sponsored by Chandlers Roofing Supplies

Multi-discipline--Places Leisure

WINNER: Progressive Systems Ltd for Places Leisure Centre

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Gibside SEN schoolBarclay Roofing
  • SCCC Cwmbran Critical Care FacilityCentral Roofing South Wales
  • Woolwich Creative DistrictUK Roofing Specialist Ltd

Rainscreen: Sponsored by Siderise

Rainscreen--Bournemouth Uni

WINNER: T A Colbourne Projects Limited for Bournemouth University Gateway Building

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • GillinghamSPV Group
  • Marshall Street, LondonLongworth Building Services Limited
  • Southborough HubIndustrial Construction (Sussex) Limited

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes: Sponsored by Sika Ltd

RBM--Church of English Martyrs

WINNER: Premier Roofing & Construction working with Langley Waterproofing Systems for Church of the English Martyrs

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Gusford Primary SchoolCWG Group
  • Natural History Museum at TringPremier Roofing Systems
  • Wythenshawe ForumLRL Roofing Solutions

Roof Slating: Sponsored by Cupa Pizarras

Slating--Leeds Town Hall

WINNER: Harwood Roofing Contractors Limited for Leeds Town Hall

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Old RadnorRowlands Roofing
  • Private House, AngleseyGreenough & Sons Roofing Contractors Ltd
  • The Marine Hotel, TroonSouthwest Roofing Services

Roof Tiling: Sponsored by Marley

Tiling--Manor Farm

WINNER: Clarke Roofing Southern Ltd for Manor Farmhouse

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • PendykeRichard Soan Roofing Services
  • Seafield HouseEmerton Roofing (Western) Limited
  • The GablesN T Sweeting Roofing Contractors Ltd

Sheeting and Cladding: Sponsored by EJOT

Sheeting and Cladding--BenRiach Distillery

WINNER: Ronald G Graham Roofing and Building Ltd for BenRiach Distillery

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Durrington High SchoolIndustrial Construction (Sussex) Limited
  • Old Wallpaper FactoryBRC Industrial Roofing (Midlands) Ltd
  • Thales Air Defence, BelfastDavid Jameson Roofing Services Ltd

Single Ply Roofing: Sponsored by Recticel Insulation

Single Ply--St Johns Hill

WINNER: D F Roofing Limited working with Soprema UK for St Johns Hill

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • OCL Facades Ltd New Head OfficeContour Roofing (Essex) Limited
  • St Mary's Episcopal Church, Port GlasgowAshton Building Systems (Scotland) Ltd
  • The WarrenInvictus Roofing Ltd

Small Scale Project < £25k: Sponsored by FAKRO

Small scale--Viilage Hall Turret

WINNER: Emerton Roofing (Western) Limited for Village Hall Turret

Other shortlisted finalists:

  • Castle RoadM&J Group (Construction & Roofing) Limited
  • The Cheese Barge, Paddington BasinRoles Broderick Roofing Limited
  • Writtle Junior School's Learning PodMells Roofing

Industry Choice 2021: Sponsored by Radmat Building Products

RBM-Wythenshaw Forum

WINNER: LRL Roofing Solutions for Wythenshawe Forum

Roof of the Year 2021: Sponsored by SIG Roofing

Multi-discipline--Places Leisure

WINNER: Progressive Systems Ltd for Places Leisure Centre

Highlights of the 2021 NFRC UK Roofing Awards

A brief overview of the awards event that took place on 5 November 2021 at the InterContinental London—The O2 hotel. This film was edited during the event and shown on big screens at the after party [click unmute to hear the audio].
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Applied