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The NFRC launches new strategy

by | Jan 09, 2020

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) has published its new strategy and policy document The Way Ahead, which has been developed alongside a review of its existing membership benefits and follows a period of change as the Federation seeks to become the voice of the sector.

The UK’s largest trade federation continues its focus on providing value to its members and ensuring that benefits and services are relevant. However, it also recognises that playing a more active role in engaging with clients and the wider industry, will not only help to raise the profile of roofing, but help to promote the excellence of its members.

The strategy has the following eight key focus areas:

  1. Policy & Advocacy. Developing macro-policies, such as transparent and fair payment, which affect roofing and the wider construction industry.
  2. Health, Safety and Environment. Working with partners to create safety guidance, support mental health awareness and play greater part in reducing the environmental impact of roofing.
  3. Standards. Create best-practice installation guidance that meet the needs of an ever-changing market and improve competency in roofing through CompetentRoofer and RoofCERT schemes, as well as continuing its tri-annual inspection of members.
  4. Membership Retention. The establishment of a commercial subsidiary to invest in technical and membership resources, promote the NFRC and engage in external activities, so that membership subscriptions remain affordable.
  5. Social Responsibility. Assisting members that have fallen on hard times and encouraging people from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the industry will be the focus of the NFRC’s educational and charity fund.
  6. Careers. Promote roofing as a career to new talent through RoofCERT, the UK’s only accreditation scheme for individual roofers.
  7. Innovation. Be at the forefront of innovation, with a focus how it can improve health, safety, efficiency and quality.
  8. International links. Play an active role in the IFD and develop collaborative agreements with individual national associations that provide opportunities for members to offer products and services abroad.
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