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Roofing Industry Publications

As the leading trade association for the roofing and cladding industry, NFRC produce a whole range of different publications on a regular basis.

Some are exclusive to NFRC members, whilst others are freely available for the wider industry and general public.

Here are some of the documents we publish:



Meeting the Challenges of an Unprecedented Time

This forty-page NFRC Review document reviews the activities that NFRC provided for its members and the wider construction industry during 2020 and 2021. It includes the extensive resources we made available to support the roofing industry to carry on working safely throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

NFRC state of the UK Roofing Industry 2021 Q1 (Glenigan)

NFRC/Glenigan State of the Roofing Industry

Every quarter, Glenigan and NFRC produce a snapshot of the performance of the roofing and cladding industry in the UK. The State of the Roofing Industry survey tracks workloads, enquiries, employment levels, skills and material shortages and inflation levels across the industry.

A summary of the survey is available to all, but NFRC members have access to the full data set every quarter.

NFRC Roofing and Cladding in Windy Conditions 4th Edition

Roofing and Cladding in Windy Conditions (4th Edition)

The purpose of this NFRC roofing and cladding publication is to give guidance on wind speeds and conditions when working may not be practicable or possible, and has the potential to cause harm or injury to roofing operatives, other operatives working nearby and members of the public. Companies may choose to reference this publication within their safety policies.

Blue Book

The Profiled sheet roofing and cladding—The NFRC guide to design and best practice, also known as the 'Blue Book', provides an accessible, practical guide to the application, design and installation of profiled sheeting for roofs and wall cladding.

The Fifth Edition Revision A can be purchased in printed or digital format from the NFRC online store. NFRC Members at £30 (plus P+P) and £45 (plus P+P) for non-Members. NFRC members need to obtain the coupon code from the member-only area of this website.

Note: Since publication of this edition a number of Approved Documents which section 2 of this publication is based on have been revised. To ensure that you are working to the correct information it is advised that confirmation of the figures used within section 2 is checked with the relevant Approved Document of that specific Devolved Nation.

Why Use an NFRC Member

Why use an NFRC Member

The Why use an NFRC Member flyer gives an overview of some of the key benefits of using an NFRC Member for a roofing project.

NFRC Homeowners Guide to Roof Work

Homeowners Guide

Guidance for homeowners looking to have roof work done—covering everything from roof types, to materials, to health and safety.

NFRC Accident Stats report 2020/21

NFRC Accident Stats report 2019/20

NFRC Accident Statistics

Each year NFRC Trade Members are required to report on the number of accidents or lost time incidents that have occurred the previous year.

We have had no reported fatalities in the past five years and an accident average of 0.54 per cent for the same period for both employed and labour only subcontractors working for NFRC Members.

This is less than four times the average for all occupations and a staggering eight times less than the construction average for having an accident at work. See the 2020/21 accident stats report.

In 2019/20 NFRC member accident rate was 13 times lower than the HSE industry average.

NFRC Roofing Times newsletter issue 03

Roofing Times

Roofing Times is a bi-monthly printed newsletter written by NFRC Supplier Members for NFRC Trade Members. It includes the latest product launches, fascinating case studies, and the latest people moves in the sector.

All previous articles featured within the printed Roofing Times, can be found on the Roofing Times website.

Examples of NFRC Technical Guidance Notes for roofers

Technical Bulletins and Guidance Notes

We have a whole library of Technical Bulletins and Guidance Notes covering all roofing disciplines. These are regularly updated and are exclusively available to NFRC Members in the Members' Area of this website.

Many of these NFRC technical documents are available for non-members to purchase from the NFRC online document store.

NFRC online document e-commerce store

Many NFRC technical documents, including our Guidance Notes and Technical Bulletins are available for non-members to purchase from the NFRC online document store.

These documents are available free to NFRC Members from the Members' Area of this website.

Health and Safety Documents

NFRC Health and Safety Guidance Sheets for roofing

We have a whole library of Health and Safety Documents that are regularly updated. These documents are available to actively promote and encourage health and safety awareness and best practices within the roofing sector. 

FileSizeUploaded onViewDownload
HSGS02 Investigating and Reporting Accidents 142.67 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS03 Designers Risk Assessment 645.25 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS04 Fall Protection and Prevention 733.96 KB14 Oct, 2022 View Download
HSGS05 Controlling Silica When Disc Cutting Roof Tiles 1.05 MB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS06 Employing Persons Under 18 Years of Age in Roofing 640.54 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS11 Correct Installation and Safe Use of Slating and Tiling Battens 676.66 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS13 Safe Handling of Solar Collectors on Roofs 529.23 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS14 Counter-Balanced Edge Protection Systems 284.13 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS15 Internal fall protection requirements for pitched roofs on new build homes 583.28 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS16 Advice for the commercial client when planning roof works 152.08 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS17 Short Duration Roof Repairs 159.16 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS18 Counterfeit or Illegal PPE 929.66 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS19 RPE Face Fit Masks 298.05 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS20 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM 2015) 2.06 MB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS27 Fire Extinguishers 119.58 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS30 Rope Access for Roof Work 124.03 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS31 Gas Flue Guidance 114.36 KB13 Sep, 2022 View Download
HSGS35 Client Advice for Arranging a Roof Survey 175.56 KB21 Nov, 2023 View Download
HSGS37 Fire safety in construction 235.14 KB09 Nov, 2022 View Download
HSGS38 Coping with Workplace Stress and Fatigue 156.34 KB11 Apr, 2023 View Download
HSGS39 Safe use of products containing Diisocyanate 629.87 KB13 Apr, 2023 View Download
NFRC 'Toolbox Talk' on Checking for Substandard Roofing Battens 1.83 MB04 Jul, 2023 View Download
SA04 Requirements for fire stopping and compartmentation (England and Wales) 695.74 KB22 Dec, 2023 View Download
SA04 Requirements for fire stopping and compartmentation (Scotland) 236.18 KB22 Dec, 2023 View Download
RA FASET Safety Bulletin Fall Arrest
696.88 KB10 Apr, 2024 Download
HSGS41 Working outdoors in hot weather 280.84 KB17 Jun, 2024 View Download
HSGS07 The Use of Heat for Roofing Operations 194.70 KB24 May, 2024 View Download
HSGS42 Considerations for method statements when loading out portal-framed structures 1.10 MB07 Jun, 2024 View Download
HSGS40 External storage of lightweight material(s) 2.10 MB07 Jun, 2024 View Download
SA07 Reducing the fire risk of incomplete roof systems 151.84 KB07 Jun, 2024 View Download
NFRC SA06 Non-compliant safety netting (MRK249) 459.99 KB27 Mar, 2024 View Download
GN65 Considerations for clients when installing PV panels on commercial roofs 2.07 MB26 Jun, 2024 View Download
Please also refer to the HSE Health and Safety in roof work (HSG 33)