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Important Notice: Controlling Silica H&S Guidance Document Revised

by NFRC | Sep 05, 2012

Please be advised, following recent comments from contractors we have felt it necessary to amend the new Silica Guidance document to clarify certain points and to allow for more flexibility in the methods used. All amendments have been agreed by HSE.

Click the link to download the revised edition:

Just a general reminder as to why the document was created:

We are aware that some members have been contacted by builders, stating that the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) will enforce full wet cutting of all roof tiles from 1st September; this date is incorrect. This matter has been brought to HSE’s attention who have confirmed that the correct enforcement date is the 1st October 2012
From this date, HSE will be expecting roofing contractors to follow the guidance contained within this guidance document or face a prohibition notice.

HSE have stated that they value the partnership with NFRC, and have appreciated the role we have played with regards to this issue. The new guidance note is an NFRC document which has been formulated in conjunction with HSE, with support from NHBC, the HBF, Associate Members, Roof Training Groups, and others within the house building industry.

The change to full wet cutting is a major shift in industry practices and we strongly recommend that this document is read and passed onto the necessary people within your company.

NFRC Members if you require additional support or advice please contact NFRC Head Office.



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