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bsi publishes new dry fix standard

by Laura | Feb 27, 2018

After three years of work, the new product Standard BS 8612:2018 ‘Dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems for slating and tiling – Specification’ has been finalised. This Standard supplies clear testing methods and performance requirements on fixing, wind load resistance, durability, and where required, ventilation in accordance with BS 5250. Its aim is to ensure that dry-fix ridge, hip and verge systems are designed to achieve and deliver the minimum requirements for their various applications in such a way that they fulfil the essential performance requirements for new and refurbished roofs. 

Our understanding is that the NHBC will announce BS 8612 through the next Technical Extra newsletter, which based on previous years we would anticipate will be in June/July and then include the requirement in the next update of NHBC Standards for January 2019.  By announcing this standard in June/July the hope is that this should give sufficient time for industry to feed in compliant products and could therefore start asking for compliance from 1 Jan 2019, however at this moment in time this date has yet to be agreed. 

The NHBC has stated that “at this point in time we are unlikely to make it compulsory until 1 Jan 2019”.

With this in mind, over the next couple of months the NFRC will undertake a series of initiatives to ensure that members are aware of the relevance and application of this Standard.

BS 8612:2018 is available on the bsi website


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