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Roofing Apprentices Forum - Invitation to Attend

by Steve Laurence | Mar 22, 2018



North West Regional members are invited to a small gathering to discuss the subject of Roofing Apprentices in the North West Region on Tuesday 27 March at Mercure Haydock Hotel, Penny Lane, Haydock WA11 9SG 1-3 pm

CITB is facilitating this Workshop/Forum of Employers and Training Providers to help understand the issue in more detail and to identify actions that can be taken to try and address any shortfalls in provision. 

There are areas within the region where employers find it difficult to find provision that is local to the apprentice and to the sites that they are working on, without having to travel great distances between home, site and training provider.  This barrier is proving to be a barrier to entry both for the employer and the apprentice. Employers are concerned that this is having an effect on the number of young people entering the trade at a time when the economy is starting to improve, the volume of construction work is increasing, and the number of skilled workers is not growing to keep pace with demand.  

YOUR SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL - Lets see what we can do together  - it's time NOW for action not simply words  

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