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NFRC publishes the latest edition of the ‘Blue Book’

by | Feb 04, 2020

The Fifth Edition of Profiled sheet roofing and cladding – The NFRC guide to design and best practice, otherwise known as the ‘Blue Book’, has been updated with the latest technical information and industry guidance.

The Blue Book provides readers with both an accessible and practical guide to the application, design and installation of profiled sheeting for roofs and wall cladding. Broken down into standard industry sub-categories, each section reviewed by industry experts, provides the most up-to-date advice that reflects existing standards and regulations.

Aimed at designers, estimators and installers, this latest edition includes 52 detailed drawings plus working calculations and has been revised by the NFRC’s technical team, with the help of contributing members of the NFRC Sheeting & Cladding Technical Committee and other stakeholders.

Bob Richardson, NFRC Head of Technical, said: “This comprehensive guide reflects the mission of the NFRC, which is to provide standards and guidance to our members that raises confidence among businesses and householders, and promotes roofing and cladding as a skilled sector within the wider construction industry. The result of the NFRC working with members of its Sheeting & Cladding and Health & Safety Technical Committees, and other experts, is a book that continues to be the standard reference point for the industry.”

This edition is available as a fully interactive PDF, with links and bookmarks between sections for easier navigation, which means that it can be downloaded as a complete book.

The new design and functionality would not have been possible without the support of EJOT UK, which as NFRC Industry Technical Partner has sponsored the Fifth Edition for the benefit of NFRC members and the wider industry.

Robert Hardstaff, EJOT UK Managing Director said: “EJOT UK shares the NFRC’s philosophy of quality and excellence within the construction industry. We are therefore delighted that as NFRC Industry Technical Partner, our sponsorship will help to support this industry-wide platform for best practice.”


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