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CONIAC Construction Fire Safety Group

by | Jul 17, 2020

CONIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Committee) is a community of representative organisations committed to reducing construction risks and improving worker protection.

The NFRC technical team have taken an active role within CONIAC since it was re-constitutionalised back in December 2017 which includes NFRC SHE Officer Gary Walpole’s role as Chair of the MRW Construction Fire Safety Group.

The Fire Safety Groups plan of work included identifying trusted guidance, to provide the construction industry with a clear consistent approach to the management of Construction Fire, throughout the design, planning, construction phase and the future management of the building. Not competing with existing guidance, the group identified knowledge and skills gaps to comply with existing trusted guidance and supplement where gaps exist.  The group have developed a responsibility and competence matrix which has been designed to help promote an understanding of how to make the right decisions when managing fire risks in construction. The matrix:

  • Outlines the roles and the responsibilities of each duty holder during the design, planning and construction phase;
  • It signposts the user to relevant legislation and guidance;
  • It offers guidance for duty holders, especially surrounding high risk projects;
  • It Identifies baseline competencies for each of the duty holders.

The matrix doesn’t set out to define every situation where there might be a fire risk during construction, that’s just too complex.  What it does do, is set out to identify the issues we believe all the duty holders, from the client to worker, should be able to deal with.

The matrix has been published and is available to download from The Construction Health and Safety Group (CHSG) website.

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