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Waste wood update: RPS291

by Catherine Oxley | Nov 20, 2023

RPS291, released in early November, states that roof timbers from 1950 - 2006, and some other specific products previously impacted by the recent removal of RPS250, can now be removed from domestic premises, demolition sites or other buildings to be stored and processed as non-hazardous as long as:

  • the material is tested at least quarterly, and
  • the results are shared with the Wood Recycling Association, and
  • it is destined for either Chapter IV Compliant Biomass or panel board manufacture.

NFRC Members should still continue make their clients aware of the importance of testing treated timber battens, installed between the period 1950 - 2007 by following the NFRC/WRA checklist:

Find out more from the WRA:

Read the new regulatory position statement: Storing and treating hazardous waste wood:

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