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Biodiversity Rules brought in to protect and restore England's biodiversity

by Megan Poole | Feb 13, 2024

All major developments in England will be required by law to deliver at least a 10% increase in biodiversity under new rules that came into force today. The biodiversity net gain (BNG) requirement, introduced through the Environment Act 2021, is a world first, and is key to fulfilling the government’s target to halt species decline by 2030.

It will now be a legal obligation for developers to consider the environmental impact of their development and ensure the biodiversity is improved compared to before. Installing green and brown roofs can help a project achieve Biodiversity Net Gain especially on urban sites where there can be limited space at ground level.

The change in biodiversity is measured using a metric tool. These metrics are only concerned with habitats and do not take protected species like nesting birds, into consideration. However, BS 8683:2021 Process for designing and implementing Biodiversity Net Gain— Specification states that biodiversity enhancement measures that supplement the project’s BNG targets, and are outside the scope of a metric, should be described and where possible quantified. Examples would be installing bird nest boxes or bat roosts within a housing development.

Therefore, it’s important to consider installing nest boxes or bat roosts as an additional service for your clients. There is a wide range of pitched roof bespoke nest boxes and roosts available that fit within the ridge, eaves or directly under the eaves or gable, or even in the wall.

Gary Walpole CMIOSH PIEMA REnvP - NFRC Technical Safety, Health & Environment Officer

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