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NFRC supports HSE Working Minds Campaign

by Megan Poole | Feb 21, 2024

NFRC is joining forces once again with HSE to support their Workings Minds Campaign. Running since November 2021 HSE are now looking to reach specific trades who experience higher levels of stress and as statistics show that roofers have a higher risk of suicide than any other construction trade the NFRC are proud to be a HSE campaign partner to help promote this to our industry.

The campaign reminds employers of their legal duties to assess and tackle mental health related risks at work. It also provides practical tools to support their employees’ mental health. Businesses can access these tools for free on the Working Minds campaign site.

Six areas have been identified that can lead to work-related stress if they are not managed properly. These are: demands, control, support, relationships, role, and change. Factors like skills and experience, age, or disability may all affect someone’s ability to cope.

Working Minds outlines five key steps that provide a simple approach for businesses to start tackling work-related stress: Reach out and have conversations, Recognise the signs and causes of stress, Respond to any issues identified, Reflect on actions taken and how well they worked or need to be adapted, and make it Routine to check in on how people are feeling and coping.

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, the law requires all employers to prevent work-related stress to support good mental health in the workplace. They have a legal duty to protect workers from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting on it.

Mental health and wellbeing support is also available through the construction industry charity Lighthouse Club. Support is free and available 24/7.

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