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Latest Updates to Safe2Torch Guidance

by Megan Poole | Apr 23, 2024
Bob Richardson, Head of Technical and Training at NFRC, discusses the latest updates to the Safe2Torch guidance with Total Contractor:
Contractors and suppliers are advised to view the latest updates and refresh their knowledge of the guidance to ensure that fire safety is managed from the earliest stages of design, procurement, and the construction phase.
“The NFRC's Safe2Torch guidance has set the standard in the safe use of gas torches across construction, with many external stakeholders referencing the guide. The recent update elaborates on the removing the risk of fire at the design stage and underpins the importance of this being risk assessed based on site conditions.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have given their time to help update Safe2Torch, this has been a real opportunity for NFRC and its members to clearly show it understands the serious issue of fire in construction and that it is forward thinking and able to do something about it”
The updated Safe2Torch guidance can be downloaded here.

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