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Important Notice from the Chief Executive

by Chief Executive | May 20, 2013

Dear Member

You may have read in the February edition of Update magazine, that Local Authority Building Control (LABC) will shortly be conducting a ‘purge’ on Building Control Notification in five pilot areas. I have been informed that this will start on 1st June and run throughout the summer.  LABC will be collecting data on all roof refurbishment work (domestic, commercial & industrial) in these areas and will be conducting site visits.  They will have a comprehensive list of roofing contractors based in each of the areas and will be visiting these companies to determine whether any roof refurbishment work being undertaken, involving more than 50% of the roof, is either being recorded with the respective Building Control offices or is being conducted and registered through CompetentRoofer.  This is a significant initiative that has been requested by NFRC members to help differentiate themselves from those companies that do not work within the rules.

Any work that has not been registered will come under scrutiny, with the building owner required to pay to ‘regularise’ the work and the roofing contractor will have to explain in writing why they are not complying with regulations.  LABC have the authority to not only fine companies but to review all work over the previous two years to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

Clearly we do not want NFRC members to be caught in this initiative; NFRC has made it easy for members to become CompetentRoofers and be able to self-authorise that their work is compliant with the Building Regulations in England and Wales.

The advice to members is:

  • Become a CompetentRoofer, call Michael on 0207 448 3189 or email
  • If you are already a CompetentRoofer, make sure you register all reportable jobs.
  • If you don’t want to be a CompetentRoofer for any reason you must make sure that you or your clients register all reportable roof refurbishment work; it is the law!


  • Some contractors state that the main contractor is registering work, please check – our investigations suggest this is not always the case.
  • CompetentRoofer status will be required to undertake Green Deal/ECO roof refurbishment work.
  • For companies in Scotland and Northern Ireland please note these regulations also apply to you, if operating in England and Wales.


R J Horwood CBE

Chief Executive

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