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New pay and conditions effective from 25 June 2018

by | Jun 12, 2018
Employers and Unions have settled a new two year pay and conditions deal as part of the new Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) Working Rule Agreement. This will be effective from 25 June 2018.
Dave Maginnis, Managing Director of NFRC Member BriggsAmasco who sits on the CIJC on behalf of the NFRC, said: “Following negotiations, I am pleased to inform NFRC Members of this agreement. This is a good deal for our Members who are directly involved in using the Agreement and is a benchmark for all others.” 

Basic Pay Rates Summary: 2018-2020
  • In year one, basic pay will rise 3.2%, effective from 25 June 2018.
  • In year two, basic pay will rise 2.9%, effective from 24 June 2019.
  • The pay rate for first year apprentices in year one of the agreement will increase by 7% to £5.50.  In the subsequent year the rate will increase in line with the agreement (2.9%).


Lodging Allowance
HMRC has approved an increase in nightly lodging allowance to £40.00.

Industry Sick Pay
Industry Sick Pay will increase to £130.00 per week (£26.00 per day). The maximum period of payment will increase from 10 to 13 weeks in any rolling year or single period of absence.

Fare and Travel Allowances
The non-taxed fare allowance is increased by the March 2018 CPI of 2.5% (HMRC have given approval) and the taxed travel allowance will increased by the same amount as basic pay rates (3.2%).  New scales are contained within the general promulgation (IR 2018.21).

Death Benefit
Subject to confirmation of cost from pensions provider B&CE the death benefit will be increased from £32,500 to £40,000.  This will be doubled to £80,000 if death occurs either at work or travelling to or from work.  To do this B&CE has commissioned actuarial work and the B&CE Board will need to sign off the final arrangements including the increase in premiums. 
The target date for this improvement to come into effect is October 2018.  However, this is outside of the control of the parties to the Agreement.


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