Join the Heritage Register

The National Heritage Roofing Contractors’ Register identifies and lists contractors who have the highest levels of knowledge, skill and experience in the historic and vernacular systems of clay tile, slate, stone and shingle roofing in the UK.

The scheme was officially launched in 2008 and is fully endorsed by English Heritage, Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland, Historic Environment Scotland, the National Heritage Training Group and CITB.

The register is open to all roofers and roofing companies, both NFRC members and non-members.

How to Join the Register and Joining Fees

To join the Register, please contact Joanne Lear, Heritage Committee Secretary via email at

You will be asked to complete registration forms and submit a portfolio of evidence including, detailed photographs of work before, during and after construction and evidence of qualification. Once your completed application has been received it will be sent to the Heritage Committee for the initial application review after this an on-site assessment will be arranged with you.

NFRC members have already met part of the costs involved in accreditation in their subscription and will only need to pay a one-off assessment fee of £295 plus VAT. Non-members will be charged at the standard rate of £395 plus VAT, to cover costs for registration and an on-site assessment, which is repayable every two years.

Register Accreditation Classes

There are three classes of accreditation that contractors/companies can apply for under the Heritage Register for each listed Heritage Roof Type

  • Heritage Roof Master—Capable of taking responsibility for the design and performance of the roof. They will be able to work closely with architects, historians and other professionals to achieve a satisfactory specification for the heritage roofing works.
  • Heritage Craft Roofer—Capable heritage crafts people who take responsibility for workmanship on a heritage roofing contract and who supervise the execution of the specification and the working instructions formulated by a contract professional.
  • Heritage Craft Roof Operative—Are crafts people experienced in specific heritage roof types who carry out the roof work as specified.

Registration Application Forms

Click the links below to download the registration documents: