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Britain has one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe, many of them in conservation areas. There are many thousands of other listed buildings such as churches, civic buildings, mills, farmhouses cottages and country buildings, as well as stately homes and so on.

They are all part of our nation’s famous and very special heritage and when it comes to their repair and renovation they demand extra special workmanship and attention to detail.  To help ensure that the roofs, at least, on these precious buildings are restored to the highest possible standards NFRC established a National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register.

This unique service provides an assurance for specifiers and others seeking a roofing contractor to carry out this exacting work that they appoint a company with the most appropriate skills and experience in the field.

Heritage Register


The National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register

Contains only roofing companies that have roofers with a proven track record who fall into the following categories:

  • Heritage Roof Master: Can provide both technical design capabilities and quality workmanship.
  • Heritage Craft Roofer: These firms will always provide quality workmanship but do not offer the design facility.
  • Heritage Craft Roofer Operative: Are craftsmen/women who carry out the roof work as specified.

The companies qualifying for the Register have all undergone close, stringent scrutiny and hold relevant heritage qualifications. What’s more their work is continuously reviewed by a panel of highly qualified experts in all aspects of traditional roofing.

The National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register is fully endorsed by ​Historic England, Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland, Historic Scotland, The National Heritage Training Group and CITB.

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NFRC continues to forge strong links with other reputable associations in the roofing arena and is pleased to be able to incorporate on the National Heritage Roofing Contractor's Register members of The Lead Contractors Association (LCA) who have been awarded heritage status in regard to their leadwork. These members will have the LCA logo displayed in their profile.

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