If something goes wrong

Making a Complaint to an NFRC Member

  • On receipt of a complaint, an NFRC contractor will normally follow the procedure outlined in the Code of Practice starting with a prompt inspection of the work and early rectification where required. 
  • NFRC members will have a procedure with which to deal with a customer complaint.

If a dispute arises or you cannot resolve a roof problem with the contractor that recently carried out the work, you can contact NFRC, who has a free arbitration and conciliation service.

Making a Complaint about an NFRC Member

  • Where a contractor and a client remain in dispute, they will have recourse to the individual NFRC Regional Association disputes procedure, which can provide a conciliation service via the Regional Manager of that area.
  • Complaints will only proceed once it has been received in writing by the relevant Regional Manager, with the full details of the company in question.
  • Most minor disputes can be resolved through NFRC with the member being asked to visit the client and settle the matter.
  • For more serious issues, the next step (providing both parties agree and at the express discretion of the Regional Manager) is an inspection of the works by a suitable expert.
  • If an inspection is required both customer and contractor are required to be bound in writing by the results, with confirmation required prior to the inspection taking place. (Note: No comments, judgements or otherwise will be made on site at the time of the inspection to any parties, and the subsequent report will be issued to both contractor and client.)
  • If remedial works are required, the contractor is informed via the report of the issue(s) and instructed what remedial works are necessary and when to carry them out.
  • If the works are adequate, the customer is instructed to pay the bill or other relevant instruction.  
  • If the relevant party refuses to cooperate at this point, it is made clear that a copyright licence of the report will be granted to the other party to use in whatever way they see fit (including law) and NFRC will withdraw.
  • Finally, NFRC has recourse to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • If either party to a dispute starts legal proceedings NFRC will promptly withdraw from any further involvement.

Making a Complaint about Something Else

If you have a complaint about this website, a member of staff or any service provided by NFRC, please contact us directly in writing or by using the feedback form.

All complaints to NFRC will be dealt with as soon as possible and acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint will be sent to you within 48 hours (Monday - Friday during normal working hours of 9am-5pm) in the event your complaint will take addtional time to be investigated.

All complaints must be received in writing.

If you are worried about recent work on your roof, you should first contact the roofing contractor that completed the work.


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