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NFRC produces a wide range of publications covering the numerous roofing disciplines from Technical Bulletins to Health and Safety Guidance. Majority of which are available to download for free, scroll down for more information.

Technical Publications

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Full List of NFRC Technical Bulletins

These are in-depth technical documents that are produced by NFRC technical experts and committees, sometimes in conjunction with other trade associations. These are produced as best practice guides on what NFRC recommends, primarily for members of the Federation.

Ref.  Publication Date  Technical Bulletin Name
TB 03 Feb 2012 Hooks for Slating 
TB 04a  Aug 2015 Selecting Natural Slate for Roof Covering
TB 06  ​Aug 201​5 Pitched Roof Underlays
TB 07 Apr 2013 Recommendations for Laying & Fixing Peg Tiles
TB 08  Nov 2015 Pitched Roof Valleys 
TB 09 July 1993 Roof Under Coatings
TB 10 July 1993 Wind Loadings & Mechanical Fixings & Fasteners for Industrial Roofs
TB 11 July 1993 Flat Metal Composite Wall Panels - Steel Work Tolerances
TB 24 Sept 2000 Asbestos Cement Products
TB 27  June 2012 Standard Roofing Mortar
TB 28  July 2015 Inclined Preformed GRP Valley Troughs
TB 30  Dec 2002 Metal Roof Systems for Slating & Tiling
TB 33 ​Feb 2015 Graded Battens for Slating & Tiling
TB 34 29th March 2016  Wooden Shingles
TB 36  June 2002 Performance Standards for Butyl Strip Sealants in Metal Clad Buildings
TB 38  Nov 2015 Mortar in Tiled Valleys 
TB 41 June 2012 Solar Installations on Roofs
TB 42  ​14th April 2016 Lime Mortar 
TB 43 April 2014 Scottish Slating Practice
TB 44 August 2015 Insulated Sandwich Panels Correct Method of Applying Sealant
TB 45 26th July 2016 Control of Condensation in Pitched Roofs 

Other Technical Guidance

Ref.  Publication Date  Technical Bulletin Name
 01 Oct 2011 Fixing Solar Panels to Timber Rafters and Battens (Pitched Roofs)
 n/aOct 2014 The Green Roof Code of Best Practice for the UK
 n/a 2013Solar Installation - Guidance for Property Owners
 n/a2015Householder's Guide to Flat Roofing
 n/aDec 2017Roofing & Cladding in Windy Conditions - 3rd Edition
 n/aJuly 2017 Safe2Torch Guidance -> click here
 n/a Nov 2017 Technical Guidance Note for the Construction and Design of Blue Roofs 
 n/a Apr 2018 GRO Fire Risk Guidance

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Health & Safety Guidance Sheets

NFRC ​produces Health & Safety Guidance documents to deal with the issues surrounding working on roofs. These documents are available to members for free. If you are interested in purchasing ​any of the guidance sheets, please contact us on the details shown on the right. 

* ​be advised that postage costs still apply, if requesting print versions.​

Publication Date:   Name of Document  Price 
 A  22 Apr 2016 Fall Protection and Prevention for Working on Roofs   £5.00
 B  Feb 2013 Reporting Accidents   £5.00
 C  Feb 2013 Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007
 D  Jan 2009 Employing Persons Under 18 Years of Age in Construction   £5.00
 E  Feb 2009 Slater's Heel (for immediate download)  FREE*
 F  Oct 2009 Use of Heat for Roofing Operations  £5.00
 G  Jun 2009 Daily Activity Briefing  £5.00
 H  Jun 2009 NFRC Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) Template  £5.00
 I  Feb 2008 Safe Site Handover Checklist / Certificate  £5.00
 J  Sept 2012 Identification, Removal & Disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials   £5.00
 K  Oct 2009  Temporary Edge Protection  £5.00
 L  Oct 2009 Safe Installation of Profiled Metal Sheeting to Cold Rolled Purlins, Rails & Spacers   £5.00
 M  Oct 2009 Working at Height Summary  £5.00
 N  Nov 2009 Health & Safety Provisions for Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems (LAWs)  £5.00
 O  Nov 2009 Safe Use of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems (LAWs)  £5.00
 P  June 2010 Safe Handling of Solar Collectors and Other Large Items on Roofs  £5.00
 Q  Jan 2015 Correct Installation and Safe Use of Slating and Tiling Battens  £5.00
 S  Sept 2012 Controlling Silica when Disc Cutting Roof Tiles (for immediate download)  FREE*
 R  Feb 2013 Over-roofing Profiled Fibre Cement Sheeted Roofs

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