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The NFRC Charities Fund was established to help the UK roofing community and their families. By offering financial help and practical support, this Fund aims to make a positive difference to the lives of those working, or who have worked, in the roofing sector.


Hardship Support

The Hardship Grant Programme provides a safety net for members of the roofing community to help them get through hard times. The programme provides practical help when it's needed most. This could involve supporting individuals through financial difficulties or by assisting in the event of accident or illness.

The Bereavement Support Grant programme is there to support families of those working in the roofing industry cope with the sudden loss of a loved one, due to Covid-19.

Environmental Impact

The roofing industry can play a crucial role in both mitigating and adapting to climate change, whether it is through cooling buildings to stop them overheating, providing a carbon sink through green roofs, or sustainable energy generation through solar roofs.

The sector can also reduce its environmental impact by using more sustainable materials, designing out and reducing waste and promoting biodiversity.

The Environmental Programme is here to supports NFRC members to play a positive role in the preservation, conservation and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources. This could be in the form of grants for cutting edge research, showcasing best practice or technical support.

Education and Upskilling

Training and upskilling form a critical part of social mobility. The roofing industry has a wide range of opportunities for expanding and developing the skills needed for a successful career.

The NFRC Training Support Programme has been designed exclusively to provide critical training, employment and life skills for those working in, or aspiring to join, the roofing sector. This programme is open to all but is particularly focused on those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Practical Volunteering

Volunteering helps individuals to make a positive contribution to communities across the country and abroad. The NFRC Volunteering Programme provides those in the roofing industry with opportunities to volunteer their time and specialist skills for worthy projects. NFRC Volunteers can develop new skills or build on existing experience while providing practical help where it is most needed.  

NFRC staff are entitled to a paid volunteering day every year, and we encourage roofing contractors to offer the same to their teams.

We also want to recognise the good things that roofing contractors and their workforce are doing across the country. That is why NFRC along with SIG have a 'Local Hero Award' at the annual Roofing Awards. We also want to showcase the industry's good work through our website. If you have any examples you would like us to share, please let us know.

Stories of volunteering from the NFRC membership

The section below will show success stories and give example of where the NFRC Charity Fund have actively helped people and communities.

Volunteer 2


The NFRC Charitable Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees whose support ensures that the work of the trust is available to those in need who work, or have worked in the Roofing Industry.

Peter Rogerson OBE

Peter has spent all his working life in the Roofing, Cladding Industry and then in Construction Industry Training and Pension Funds Trusteeship Past Chairman of Rogerson Group Ltd, which he sold in 2001 and which had interests in Roofing, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Tool Hire and Property.

  • Past Chairman of Rogerson Group Ltd, sold in 2001
  • Past National President of NFRC; Past Chairman of FRCAB
  • Fellow of Institute of Roofing; Council; Director of the Roofing Industry Alliance and co-author of the RIA Training Plan
  • U.K. Representative to International Roofing Federation (IFD) 2005 – 2019
  • Deputy Chairman; CITB & Construction Sector Skills Council 2000 – 2010
  • Chairman; National Construction Colleges 2000 – 2010
  • Director; UK Skills Ltd, representing Construction 2004 – 2011
  • Member; City & Guilds Standards Committee 2004 – 2011
  • Chairman of the Trustees; ITB Pension Funds 2006 – 2012, Deputy Chairman 2012 to date
  • Past Director of B&CE Group, Trustees of “the Peoples Pension”
  • Court Assistant—Liveryman—Worshipful Company of Tyler’s & Bricklayers
  • Awarded OBE in 2004 for Services to the Construction Industry and Training

Colin Yeates

Colin has over 40 years working for the roofing and cladding industry and now manages his own consultancy, CY Associates, where he provides sales, marketing, technical commentary, research and coaching across the sector.

Prior to this, Colin was Director of Sales and Marketing at SFS Group, a manufacturer of product fasteners for both metal and single-ply roofs, and during this time was a Director for both MCRMA and the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA).

More recently, Colin has worked closely with NFRC to develop a flagship pilot competency accreditation for rainscreen cladding supervisors.

It is an honour to be a trustee of the NFRC Charitable Trust and give something back to the industry I have worked in most of my life. In my time as a trustee, I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained through my career to support the Charity's objectives. What makes our industry great is the people who work in it, and I have often repeated the phrase, ‘most of the people I have worked with in our industry are ordinary people doing extraordinary things’.

Dr Claire Griffiths

Trustee Claire Griffiths

Claire Griffiths joined the NFRC Charity as a trustee in 2019 and has been Editor of Roofing Today magazine for 14 years. She regularly comes into contact with people in the roofing sector whose journey to fulfilling their aspirations could be assisted with some timely and targeted help.

This has inspired her to help the charity deliver its goals and contribute her experience gained previously as a trustee of another charity. She is passionate about promoting the UK roofing industry, communicating its professional achievements, and supporting its sustainability, training and safety.

She said, “I’m delighted to be part of achieving the NFRC Charitable Trust’s objectives and look forward to helping to develop some exciting and effective initiatives.”

Angela Emms

Trustee Angela Emms

Angela joined the board of NFRC in August 2020.

Angela has worked in the charity sector for over 20 years as a fundraising manager. She is a Philanthropy Manager for Quartet Community Foundation connecting philanthropists with local charities. 

"I'm delighted to be part of the NFRC Charitable Trust Board of Trustees and I'm looking forward to using my skills and experience in the charity sector to help develop the charity go from strength to strength and develop our areas of support for the roofing industry."


NFRC Charitable Trust receives a regular contribution from NFRC's surplus. However, to achieve bigger and better things, we encourage both member companies and individuals to help support the charity.

If you would like to donate money as part of your company CSR programme, or raise money individually for NFRC Charitable Trust to help transform lives, we welcome your support, creativity, dedication and enthusiasm! 

However you choose to support the NFRC Charities Fund, we'll be there to help you make the most of your fundraising efforts. 

Gift Aid

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate

If you’re a UK taxpayer, using Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give, NFRC Charitable Trust can claim another 25p from HM Revenue and Customs. Gift Aid is reclaimed by NFRC Charitable Trust from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your home address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer.

Download the NFRC Charitable Trust Gift Aid Declaration Form.


Consider leaving a gift in your will to the NFRC Charitable Trust—whatever you are able to leave will make a big difference to our work with the UK roofing community and their families

Contact the Trust

If you have any questions or think you might benefit from the NFRC Charities Trust, please get in contact by calling 0208 940 0072 or completing the enquiry form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I confirm that NFRC may store may details on their system to allow us to follow up your enquiry. Your details will be kept confidential and will only be passed to third-parties with your explicit permission (see privacy policy).

NFRC Charitable Trust News

Check for swift nests before starting work on a roof this summer urge NFRC

by Unknown | Jul 09, 2021

As part of ‘Swift Awareness Week’ (3 – 11 July 2021), NFRC is urging its members to keep an eye out for swift nests before starting work on a roof, to help reverse the decline seen in recent years in the swift population.

NFRC is working proactively with the RSPB to try to raise awareness amongst the roofing industry and encouraging the installation of swift boxes.

Swifts evolved 60 million years ago, yet in the last 20 years, their numbers have almost halved, due mostly to the loss of nesting sites, often unintentionally as a result of roof renovations.

Swifts migrate from Africa to the UK each year to breed, usually starting to nest in May and remaining until August. Therefore, now is the time for roofing contractors to be checking if there are any swifts nesting on the site they are working on and ensure these are protected.

NFRC and RSPB are advising roofing contractors to:

  • Check if there are swift nests where you are working using
  • If you do discover a swift nest on the site, discuss delaying the project with your client to undertake the work outside of swift nesting season (May to August).
  • Outside of swift nesting season, if you discover a swift nest, try to protect this as swifts tend to come back to the same nest sites year on year. There are lots of examples where with careful design, roofing work has taken place whilst maintaining entrance points for swifts.
  • If there is no way of preserving the nest, so as long it is outside of nesting season, swift nest boxes and bricks can be installed to replace nesting sites.
  • Consider installing swift boxes as an additional service for your clients – these will become in higher demand as more and more Local Authorities introduce biodiversity targets and the UK government introduces Biodiversity Net Gain into planning legislation.
  • Listen to the NFRC RoofTop podcast with RSPB on protecting swifts

Commenting on the partnership with RSPB NFRC Safety, Health and Environment Officer Gary Walpole said:

The decline in the swift population over the last 20 years is shocking—but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little bit of forward planning, education and collaboration, we as an industry can play our part to help reserve this trend

Swifts are the sight of summer, so now is the time to be on the lookout for any nests. I am encouraging members, between now and the end of August, to check the swift mapper website, before starting on any new refurbishment job.

Not only can roofing contractors help stop the decline, but can actually encourage more swfits to nest here by offering to install swift boxes as an additional service or improve the biodiversity of buildings for decades to come.

Katie O'Neill, RSPB Scotland Edinburgh Swift City Project Officer said:

Protecting and enhancing the populations of swifts is vital, achievable and a positive example of how humans and animals can occupy the one space without excluding each other. With thanks to ScottishPower Foundation, we are spreading awareness of the swift and finding long term solutions to halt population decline.

It’s been wonderful to work with people across different sectors and NFRC have been fantastic and responsive in the work of conserving the swift species across the whole of the UK. We look forward to hearing about and sharing inspiring case studies from roofers implementing the above swift friendly actions.

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