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With a history spanning over 130 years, NFRC has established itself as the voice of the roofing industry, constantly adapting to change and innovation to ensure its members are at the forefront.

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NFRC actively ensures that all members offer high standards of workmanship and sound business practice through a strict code of practice, vetting procedure, and regular site inspections.

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No matter the type of roof or the size of the project you will be able to find an NFRC approved contractor to suit your needs. NFRC also operates the National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register for qualified heritage roofing specialists.


Whether you are a contractor, manufacturer, merchant or other stakeholder in the UK roofing industry, NFRC has a suitable membership package for you. NFRC has a strong commitment to supporting members, and with a host of benefits there has never been a better time to join.

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NFRC produces a wide range of technical publications covering the numerous roofing disciplines, many of which are free to download.

As well as being the UK's largest roofing trade association, representing and supporting roofing contractors, manufacturers and service providers though its seven regions across the UK; NFRC also provides a number of other roofing-related services through our sister organisations…

NFRC Roofing Trade Association regional network
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Local representation and support for roofing contractor members of NFRC in London and Southern Counties, Midlands, Northern Ireland, North West, Scotland, South West, Yorkshire and North East.

NFRC Competent Person Scheme for Roofing
NFRC Roofing Competent Person Scheme logo

Allows certified roofing contractors registered in the scheme to self-certify that their roof refurbishment work meets the latest building regulations. See the NFRC CPS website for more details.

RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation
NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation logo

RoofCERT allows individual roofing operatives to prove their competency in each of their roofing disciplines. See the RoofCERT website for more details.

NFRC UK Roofing Awards
UK Roofing Awards logo

The UK Roofing Awards is an industry-wide event that recognises and rewards outstanding standards of workmanship and safety in roofing. See the UK Roofing Awards website for more details.

NFRC Roofing Careers Service
NFRC Roofing Careers Service logo

Supporting employers and their current and future employees through the entire careers cycle. Promoting roofing as a skilled, professional sector within the wider construction industry. See the NFRC Roofing Careers Service portal for more details.

The NFRC Charitable Trust
NFRC Charitable Trust logo

Supporting the UK roofing community and their families with initiatives around hardship, environmental impact, education, upskilling and volunteering. See the NFRC Charitable Trust website for more details.

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Homeowners Guide to Roof Work

NFRC Homeowners Guide to Roof Work

If you want to understand the basics of your home's roof and how to find the best roofing contractor to work on it request a copy of our 'Homeowners Guide to Roof Work'.